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does EE work?


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Yea yes yes!! I have been doing it for nearly 3 weeks now and have lost over 5lb and never been hungry and eaten so much. It's been designed to another option along w red & green days - so you can mix it with those, do just EE - what ever suits you.

I think it's fab - what do have to lose by trying it out?!?


Trying again!!!
I was sceptical about trying it but I can't imagine doing anything else though I guess I will probably do the odd green and red day. It really does make life so much easier ~ a lot of people on here have had fantastic losses on it ~ judimac springs to mind! Give it a go and see how you get on and good luck xx


I have been doing EE for two week the first week I lost 1lb and the 2nd I lost 2.5 lbs. I know what you mean it doesn't feel like a diet but it does work :p Happy weight loss


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Does EE work?


I've been doing it since it came out in Jan 2009 *grin*


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Yes, it works!
I won't do anything else.


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YES YES YES, EE is fabulous. i've been doing it for 2wks and lost 10 and a half pounds so far. Go for it :)

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It works like a dream. I've lost almost three stone (give or take a pound) in 22 weeks. Never done anything else.


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I am new to slimming world and one of the things that put me off before was the plan i.e red and green days. So when i heard about EE i thought i woudl give it a go and so far so good, it really does work!


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I've been doing EE and had first weigh in yesterday... I've lost 6lbs in a week :)


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I'll let you know after weigh in on tuesday!!

I've been on it since wednesday and not felt in the slightest hungry and have been struggling to eat my HEX's and syns so from a fullness point of view its defo working for me.

I've stuck to green and red since starting the plan and my losses have slowed doen recently so im giving this a go and hopefully it will give me the boost i need.

Good luck with it hun!


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It does work. and people at my group have found that if you try to stick with the free food from either day and then 1/3 superfree foods then it does seem to speed everything up.
i am trying this for 4 days out of my week.

good luck x


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I've done mainly extra easy since starting SW a few weeks back and lost every week. I too find it difficult to use up my healthy extras and syns as I've eaten so much free food! I do try to do the 1/3 superfree at each meal but it doesn't always happen, but usually I snack on superfree foods during the day anyway so I think that balances it out.


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I'm so biased towards EE I seem to be getting a reputation! Who cares? I've lost 2 stone 3lbs in 20 weeks (including 3 weeks when I was totally off track!) I lose faster, and more consistently than I ever have and would drag people into class off the streets to do it if it wasn't illegal! The only thing you have to lose is your weight!
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i've was on the original plan for 2 months, but my weight lose diminished, so for the past 2 weeks i've been doing EE and my weight lose has picked up - 2lbs per week - not huge losses but i'm happy. plus it feels less restrictive on this diet and i'm enjoying what i'm eating more. i think it's worth having a go.