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Green Days does every1 have both HEa's everyday?


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in the plan for green or red days it says you can choose either 1 or 2 HEa choices, what does every1 do?

i joined last week and have only been having 1 'a' choice every day but only lost 1lb (really disappointed as it was first weigh in) also on some days id only had 1 'b' choice!

do you think this would have effected my weightloss? id kept to around 10 syns/day except for 1 day but overall didnt exceed 70 syns during the week so cant think of any other reason for the bad result:(

any help/advice would be greatly apprieciated xx
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Mrs V

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I only have 1 HeA and have 2 HeBs.
You can have the extra HeA if you feel the need for it, however, you should really have the 2 HeB's as an every day thing. Have a look at the food diary section to give you some ideas of the things that you can have.
I usually have at least 1 HXA ie Milk every day, somedays I have cheese to bring it up to 2.

I always have my HXB - either porridge or cereal of some kind, usually branflakes or a wholemeal roll or some meat - I'm usually juggling the HXB's around to have everything I want.
BTW - Don't be disheartened! I know you might think :( only a pound... but it's a pound off and a still a good start - bet next week you will have a whopping loss :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I have to agree, its still 1lb less than you were a week ago Hun, so well done!

The point of the HexAs is to provide you with enough calcium. If you eat free dairy e.g. yoghurt, cottage cheese, you should not need both HexAs (unless you want them of course ;)). But if you don't really have much calcium apart for your HexA I would suggest you try and squeeze in two.

As for 1lb, when I started SW for the first time (2008) I lost 0.5lb the first week and had been sooooo good. I was gutted but stuck with it and lost 3.5lb the second week - SO DON'T GIVE UP NOW! :):)
I usually have both HExBs on a green day, or atleast one and a half... Loved having two HExAs but didn't lose as much as I'd expected last week (also due to lack of exercise I think) so have cut back down to 1 HExA, don't know if it will make much of a difference but I'm willing to try anything :) And being on SW has made me realise I don't NEED to have cheese every day, it was all in my head! xxx
So true 10st10lb, now I HAVE to have cheese daily I don't fancy it half the time!!! We always want what we can't have ;)


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I thought now i had a liking for wholemeal bread (bread cold turkey wasn't working) i'd enjoy being able to have 2 lots of bread everyday, but i'm struggling! I'm not good at eating my B's tbh, unless it's cheese on a green day. I'm going to start making an effort to get them down me everyday. I find i still have them at the end of the day (i can't stomach breakfast) and i would just be eating cereal or toast for the sake of it. Gonna have a look in my book and see if i can get creative.


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thanks everyone youve made me feel so much better about my small weight loss:) lets hope i get a better loss next week.

i think im going to stick with mostly one 'a' choice a day otherwise id be eating cheese for the sake of it. however im going to focus on having my 2 'b' choices each day and maybe i need to start actually eating breakfast:eek: rather than just fruit.
heres to a good week for everyone including me lol xx


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Usually, I like milk in the morning for cereal and a cup of tea, and then cheese at night or another serving of milk for more cereal.

HEs are my favourite foods, so yes I definitely use them! I get so hungry the next day if I don't as well.

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