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Does everyone else do this on WI day?


I will succeed!!!


Slow but sure....
I have to suck in my tummy in so that I can see over my boob's, LOL......can't wait for the day when I can see the scale's without pulling my boobie's in......my bra's are getting to big now, so maybe soon...
Do we weigh more if we breathe in? I never know whether to breathe in and hold my breath LOL but it may be best to breathe out?!
I weigh in on a Monday at 10am so never have anything pass my lips and I always go to the loo just before WI.


Bring it on!
i always go to the loo before, and eat just an apple ( i WI at 10.00am) and i also wear the same clothes each week (changed them recently as they're getting too big) can't change my ritual now though!


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I wear the same pants and top each week - very light clothing, try to go for a number 2, and just before i get on the scales i go for a wee! lol

As i WI at 5.30pm, i try not to eat after 2pm.

:D x


is getting better at it
i wear light clothes, and only have fruit in the afternoon as weigh in at 7 and i get on the scales and dont breath until it beeps lol
My WI is about 7pm so I have something light-ish for lunch, try not to snack in the afternoon, wear light clothes and make sure I go to the loo just before getting on the scales - every little helps!


I will succeed!!!
Haha! I wear the same (or similar) clothes each week - 3/4 length black trousers which are light and a light top. It's my WI uniform hehe.

I made the mistake once of drinking a bottle of water before WI -won't do that again!

I usually take a snack with me and a diet pepsi (though C puts out coffee etc).

Funny to see how alike we all are with our rituals x
Always go to the loo before and remove any jewelery (like its gonna make a difference). If I had dentures I'd probably take them out just incase it made a difference lol
I weigh in on a Saturday morning, my daughter usually gets me up at 6am so then I eat 2 boiled eggs and drink 2 pints of water... my WI is at 10.30am, I make sure that I have a wee before I stand on the scales and nothing passes my lips 8.30 onwards!!! Lol :giggle:
Oh yeah, I remove my watch and jewellry too! And don't drink much water in the few hours before WI!

We'll end up going without underwear soon!!!!! haha!
And i thought it was just Me lol!
I wi at 9.30 so no breakfast for me,make sure i go for a wee just before and wear the lightest clothes i possibly can.I also remove all my jewellry and my glasses,and yeah it's like a ritual!:)


Bears dont dig on dancin'
I wear NOTHING! Yes, naked! I hope my neighbours don't sneak a peak as they'd get a shock, scales are in my conservatory!! Lol. I don't eat/drink anything and WI at about 6am... or whenever my 14mo old wakes me up! :) x


A moaning old boot!!!!
Im terrible, I think of every little thing that may make a difference to my WI. The doc told me I need to get my ears syringed and the first thing I said to my OH was....."ooooh, I wonder how much that weighs!!!" Its a bit like an addiction, haha.
Pmsl at this thread. I am my groups 'weighin lady' and now worried that half of the group arent wearing knickers!!

Everyone has their rituals. I have one lady who has to get on twice incase they say different second time!


I can do this............
lol! What a funny thread!

I dont eat or drink anything before my weigh in its at 9.30am thank god! I also make sure i go for a wee before too! It would seem perhaps im not the only one with a funny ritual fo WI! My friend on the other hand says she has breakfast and at least 2 cups of tea every week before weigh in and it has never affected her losses!! Very strange!


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i wi in at 9.30 and i also go to loo before lol i also go to gym too and yes i never wear any jewellery and always wear same clothes however i have to wear a belt on my jeans now lol

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