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Does everyone lose on EE?

Is there anyone here who has not lost weight on EE?

I've just started, but all of the carbs are starting to panic me, and already I feel like I'm eating too many carbs!

I know that it's probably fine, but I also assume that some people may have to swop to Red days to have decent weight loss?

Thoughts please!
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I found when I first started EE my weight loss slowed and I had a couple of weeks where I sts. I am a slow loser anyway and was feeling a bit down about it, but I stuck with EE and the weight started coming off again. I'm glad I persevered with EE because it is so much better, the whole family can sit down and eat the same meal. It makes eating out easier too.

The week before Christmas I actually lost 2 1/2lb my biggest loss since the first week.


I see the light!

My weight loss has solely on EE, I have found it very easy, some weeks my weight loss is is 1lb and others its more! I have found it alot more of a normal everyday type of diet thats easy for the rest of the family. I have upped my veggies etc and try to have the 1/3 veggies/salad etc and finish when I am full!

Helen x
i am really liking extra easy and lost 3 pounds this week (only my first week though!) i have had absolutely loads of food this week, so i dont feel like im restricted at all! i just made sure i had veg or salad aswell, and that kept me full also! and snacked on maily fruit!
highlight of the week was beef curry and tons of rice, and double cheeseburger with s/w chips!! i also managed a few beers with my curry from my syns! i LOVE extra easy!!!
I love ee food but first week meeting was cancelled and last week was first wi and i only loss 2lbs in 2 weeks now been and checked on scales and ive gone back up to my first start weight, ive always had problems with ee and said would give it a month but tbh i dont think ill be doing it again after wi this week, thats if i decide to go
I think it's easier for newbies especially to be successful on Ee because when you've been doing red and green you get used to eating lots of protein on red or lots of carbs on green. With EE really you need half the amount of each on your plate, not the huge amount of each like you'd have on the separate plans.
I mix the days up, some red, some EE and some mix2max
Thanks Everyone!

Jacqui, can I ask what you will try instead?

Will you go to Red days?
I honestly think that unless a person has a food intolerance EE should work for everyone - if followed correctly.
Carbs shouldn't freak you out. I honestly believe that a balanced diet is best all round and EE is a balanced diet. I think it falls down for people when they are snacking on things like pasta in sauce, mugshots etc - eg the high cal things. Although this is free it is still high calorie which is why SW are encouraging people to snack on superfree foods on EE (again, a more normal diet)
I really think SW would not be such big advocates of this plan if it didn't work - it really just needs following properly.
I eat big meals and a lot of carbs (I'm a green girl at heart) but I have reduced the amount if I have meat with the meal now as like Eternity said, you can't have the red and green amounts the same as if you were on those days (if that makes sense!)

I think we all need to eat as normally as possible and not overindulge on the free foods just because we can!
If you follow EE properly you will lose weight :) If you have been used to Original days and less carbs, then you might find you don't lose or your weight loss slows for a week or two when you start eating more carbs on Green on EE, as your body stores up Glycogen, balancing out the fat loss. You're still losing the fat though!
I was doing EE but I think I was possibly having too many carbs - Im gonna get jumped on for saying that but thats how my body works.

I've decided to switch to red days for most of my week with a couple of EE thrown in. I get weighed on thursday so won't know until then but im feeling optimistic!
I too was stressing about the amount of carb's I was eating.. As afterall I am sure thats where all my extra lb's came from.. But, I have been following the 2/3 1/3 rule very carefully and using all of my syns by end of the week and I have lost 3lb in both my first and second week. I expect it to slow down now but will be more then happy on 1lb/2lb a week as I am eating everything I used to but just adapting it a little.. I even enjoyed a chinese takeout over the weekend with 2 glasses of wine (all in my syns)

Tonight I am piling up on carbs again with Mash potatoes, roast potatoes syn's sausages and LOTS of veggies followed by a fruit salad with a muller light.. I'll be totally stuffed and not feel at all guilty about the yummy roast potatoes i'll eat (I have loads lol)
All the best on your journey.xx
Yummy Mummy , that is exactly what I am starting to worry about.
I am much hungrier doing EE, than I am on say a low carb diet, but unfortunately could not stick to just low carb, so I can see me ending up having to do Red.
Good luck at your weigh in!
Thanks Everyone!

Jacqui, can I ask what you will try instead?

Will you go to Red days?
I honestly dont no tbh, it took me 9 months to just lose 10lbs on sw, i find greens boring after a while and im starving on red, and im eating veg like no tomorrow and i do a dairy so i aint putting nothing that i shouldnt in my mouth :cry:

when i did ww they had core i think it was called just three meals and i lost 25lbs in 3 months then nothing, ive had test done at docs and no problems there just dont know why i cant shift the weight, im not asking for loads but be nice for 1-2lbs a week, im not even getting that
Yummy Mummy , that is exactly what I am starting to worry about.
I am much hungrier doing EE, than I am on say a low carb diet, but unfortunately could not stick to just low carb, so I can see me ending up having to do Red.
Good luck at your weigh in!
You could do a few of each and see how it suits you? This week Im doing red tues-thurs and getting weighed on thurs.
i was worried too as i started on EE and i actually gained first week. I you dont usually eat carbs then it is enevitable that you will probably gain, but give it a few weeks and ur body will adapt. I lost 5 today aww yeah
I just dont know what to do

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I think moderation is the key to EE, and for people like myself who are coming into SW from a background of compulsive overeating moderation just doesn't cut it. The reason we compulsively overeat is because moderation never enters the equation; we reach for food because it makes us feel good not because it makes us feel satisfied, full or nutritionally balanced.
I'm coming up on 3 months of SW now and I have stuck purely to Red and Green. The only time I did EE was Christmas day, and (coincidentally?) I put on 2.5lbs that week even though I stuck to the plan rigorously.
Superfree foods are your friends. They say it takes 3 months for a person to create a new habit (or break an old one) and it has now almost been three months since I have been 'on the wagon' and not binging. I have trained myself to reach for veggies and fruit, to enjoy small amounts of pasta and meat for my evening meal... but it has not been easy (never mind Extra Easy).
Your mileage may vary, but from my experience EE works best for people who have families, and need to temper their desire for weight loss with the necessity of feeding the hungry masses at dinner time!
Excuse my rambling; I hope it makes some sense :)

I have stuck to green for about six months and got bored so am now on my second day of EE. I am loving eating meat again - just hoping I love the scales on Monday too! I am swimming as well so I am hoping doing EE and exercise will have better results than Green whilst sitting on my bum!

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