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Does excersise slow weightloss??

I bet someone else will know more than me, but I think it might if you think about it logically.
If you take in no extra food or packs then burn say 450 calories, you are in effect, taking in nothing at all that day. You will have a negative calorie deficit and your body possibly holds onto the fat then.

When I have exercised I've felt a bit ill, so have had an extra tetra to compensate and that hasn't affected my losses at all. Have you been doing that?
No, I have been sticking to three. Just back from wi and only down 2, I have been 100% so maybe I should stop the excersise, decisions decisions!


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I feelt extremly hungry when I did an aerobic class. I also took only three shakes. I didn't have too much energi in class either. I talked to my councellor today (I am on the Swedish program, I don't know if there is a differens though :)), and he said to skip these types of aerobic when on the strickt diet, and do some walking, biking and so instead.


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Hi Augustbride
I found the weeks I did the most exercise not strenuous exercise but more walking than usual are the weeks that I have lost the least..
I have stopped doing it now really I do walk a bit but nothing major. I will exercise more once I am closer to goal. x
Thanks for that girls! Looks like its back to the sofa with a fag!


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i havnt done any excercise yet this week but i usually take my little one swimming once a week and spend an hour on the treadmill and 15 mins doing my bingo wings lol, i will start this next week on week 2, i hope it doesnt set me back, im worried now, i see my cd on thurs so i will see what she says x


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i have 2 dogs so have 2 walk them everyday for about an hour, i hope this dont have an affect on my weightloss or the dogs will have to take themselves out lol
Hi Guys,

Exercise will not slow your weight loss. Unless you are a man and body building. If you stick to light weight and aerobic exercise it should enhance your weight loss. Toned muscles increase your basal metabilic rate so it means at rest you will even burn more calories.

If you burn over 500kcals a day (which is a damn good work out)it should only enhance your weight loss. The body will not hold onto fat. To keep your brain alive it needs ketones which must come from your fat sources as you have no other source of energy.

So all in all exercise is good. The lighter you get the lower you Basal metabolic rate goes too. So that is why your weight loss slows. To balance his tone up to increase it. It will also help you stay at target better if you exercise. As fat is metabolically active the more you have the more calories a day you burn, also it requires more energy to carry it around.

I hope this makes sence. If you need any further answers please let me know. I hope this info is helpful. x
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thanks, becky, that makes sense. xxx


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Actually, to an extent exercise WILL slow down weight loss. But this is because by exercising you're building up muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. So while you might not be losing as much weight it's not actually a bad thing! You should still be losing inches too, which is a good indication that you're still doing well. The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn throughout a day. So actually, like I said, while your scales might freeze or slow down for a bit, it's actually for good reasons! However you need to be careful that you're not doing too much as you will then do yourself harm as it'll use up lean muscle because we're taking in so few calories a day. So yes, in moderation I think it's fine. Keep cardio to small amounts and maybe focus more on weights/resistance training. :)
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This concerns me because I am a very active person normally. For the last few weeks I have been working out in the gym (running on treadmill, cycling intensively, rowing, cross training and further running) for about 5 nights a week. Mainly due to the fact it gets me out of the house and helps me to stop raiding the cupboard. I am going to find it hard to stop exercise.

My boyfriend is there to support me, he is my gym buddy and he maintains if I need to stop going then he will come for walks with me instead. He is underweight and is trying to gain (if only I was that way round!)

I'm going to have to find something else to do in the evenings - social life is going to be so difficult while loosing with CD. How do you guys manage? Have any of you put your social life on hold until you are at goal weight?


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I'm going to have to find something else to do in the evenings - social life is going to be so difficult while loosing with CD. How do you guys manage? Have any of you put your social life on hold until you are at goal weight?
I have thought about this as well. Now I study from home, and it works great. On the social events that has been this two weeks I have been on cd, I have just said no to anything but water. And taking my shakes at home. It has worked fine.

But the summer always hols lots more social events I think. And people I only meet then. And a wedding, can't really do a shake there :D.

I think I will just to the best I can, try to plan so I can take a shake at home, and then mineral water or something at the event. And probably skip as many events as I can. I know it sounds sad, but I rather not deal with the stress that comes aournd it with all the questions, and indications that I really ought to take it easy and "once doesn't hurt" :D.


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Oh gosh, what a lot of mixed messages on this thread.

Doing too much cardio whilst on a VLCD, can burn excess lean mass and reduce your metabolic rate. A lot depends on how much you are taking in, and how much you need to lose. Have lots of fat to get rid of and it wont be quite so much of a problem.

Resistance is fine and gentle exercise is good too, but keep the heavy stuff for when you go up the plans and are taking in more.


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I have a few social events organised already this summer, but it is mostly with family so it isnt too bad. The ones I am dreading the most is the weeks holiday in August (a goal date!) and a wedding of one of my boyfriends closest friends. I want to look so good for him, and myself. I want to make him so so proud of me.

Last time I dieted I avoided anything social. Managed it for 7 months. I hoping this time its going to be easier, I have people around that love me and will support me in what i want to achieve.


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And to back up my previous message :D

From The Ketogenic Diet book by Lyle McDonald (thanks Lyle ;))

In a very low-calorie diet situation (VLCD, 800 calories per day or less), there are significant changes compared to higher calorie levels. VLCD without exercise causes a large drop in LBM and metabolic rate. The addition of aerobic exercise alone does not improve fat loss or prevent the drop in LBM and metabolic rate (27-30).

In severe dieting situations, aerobic exercise may actually be worse than just dieting(health benefits excepted). In one study, the addition of aerobic exercise (27 hours total over 5 weeks) to a very-low-calorie ketogenic diet (500 cal/day) caused a greater drop in metabolic rate than dieting alone and caused no additional weight or fat loss (29).

It appeared that the body compensated for the aerobic exercise by slowing metabolic rate at other times of the day. When resistance training only is added to an 800 calorie diet, muscle size increases despite a similar loss in LBM in both the diet only and diet plus exercise groups (31). This implies that the loss in LBM is due to loss of water, glycogen and other non-muscle tissues (32). Metabolic rate still goes down.

The conclusion from this data is this: on a VLCD, weight training but not aerobic exercise will slow the drop in metabolic rate but not stop it. The inclusion of aerobic exercise may do more harm than good at this calorie level.

Summary (snipped)
There is a caloric threshold for exercise to improve the rate of fat loss. A calorie deficit more than 1000 cal/day will slow metabolism. Further increases in energy expenditure past that level does not increase fat loss (14). In some cases, excess exercise will increase the drop in metabolic rate seen with very large calorie deficits.
This value of 1000 calories per day includes any caloric deficit AND exercise. Meaning that if 500 calories per day are removed from the diet, no more than 500 calories per day of exercise should be performed. If someone chose to remove 1000 calories per day from their diet.

27. Van Dale D et. al. Does exercise give an additional effect in weight reduction regimens. Int J Obes (1987) 11: 367-375.
28. Hill JO et. al. Effects of exercise and food restriction on body composition and metabolic rate in obese women. Am J Clin Nutr (1987) 46: 622-630.
29. Phinney SD et. al. Effects of aerobic exercise on energy expenditure and nitrogen balance during very low calorie dieting. Metabolism (1988) 37: 758-765.
30. Phinney SD. Exercise during and after very-low-calorie dieting. Am J Clin Nutr (1992) 56: 190S-194S.
31. Donnely JE. Muscle hypertrophy with large-scale weight loss and resistance training. Am J Clin Nutr (1993) 58: 561-565.
32. Marks BL and Rippe J. The importance of fat free maintenance in weight loss programs.
Sports Med (1996) 22: 273-281.
33. Sweeny ME et. al. Severe vs. moderate energy restriction with and without exercise in the treatment of obesity: efficiency of weight loss. Am J Clin Nutr (1993) 57: 127-134.

Think I have all the right references here, though there are probably more.

BTW, the ketogenic diet book, isn't a diet, but a book about ketosis. Lyle is an expert in his field (ketosis/vlcd/exercise.

I have no idea of Cambridge's view on this...whether they agree or disagree.


I did say earlier a lie in was good for you!

on a side note anyone see that article about sleep and weight loss?
Brillint KD, thanks so much!


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Has made no difference to my weight loss at all.


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I did say earlier a lie in was good for you!

on a side note anyone see that article about sleep and weight loss?
hi i didnt , im a lazy bugger sleep from 12ish to 9-10 most days, i have a lazy little boy x what was said about sleep? xx

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