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Does it catch you up?

When i went to SW a few years ago the SWC said weight doesnt have a brain or legs to be able to catch you up and for as long as i can remember i never had any mis haps catch me up a week later.
Now a few years on im back at SW and went to WI last night and SS, which is fine but i was really good that week unlike previous weeks where i have been naughty yet still lost weight. The SWC said perhaps its caught up with you.

So now im confused, can weight/naughtiness catch up with you over a week later?

Im not worried about SS just really confused about 2 different statements.
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Hi i have been lucky so far but other members in my group have this happen to them. Either they put on weight or sts if they been naughty or lost too much the previous week xx My c also mentions that a lot when someone boasts that they been eating loads of chocs or takeaways and still losing weight, she always tells them that the pounds may just creep up the following week and she is usually right!
Im hoping not, I had a maintain this week after a terrible week last week where pretty much everything I ate had the main ingredient of "chocolate". Back on plan now though so hopefully this will mitigate any catch-ups.
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I've had this. I had been out and still lost, but the following week I gained and I had stayed on plan.


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Where is the weight hiding for the week?!
In your shoes when you take them off :giggle: sneaks back on when you put them back on :giggle:
I think it can catch you up. An indulgent weekend may not show on a monday weigh in but it may show the week later.
Our bodies are all different, same with TOTM - some gain, some don't.


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I look at weightloss over a two week period, rather than one. If that makes sense!?


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Personally I agree that it can catch up with you. It can also work the other way, when you have had a good wk and you don't get the loss you expect, sometimes for me it shows the following wk. :)

Of course the best thing always to do after a takeway etc is to get straight back on the plan but it is easier said than done:rolleyes: even if get a nasty surprise the following wk :sigh:.

Gl x :rainbow:


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I sometimes think that after a bad week and getting a sts or loss - people are so pleased that they actually undereat the following week and actually "diet" rather than eat the SW way.
I think it can.
From personal experience my weight goes in cycles:
1. I diet.
2. I don't loose weight.
3. I get annoyed with not loosing weight, and stop dieting.
4. I start loosing weight and think I'm invincible because I'm eating loads and not gaining.
5. I gain weight.
6. See number 1.

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