Does it feel wrong......


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:DIve been eating what I want since yesterday and will until Boxing Day night anything left will be going to my sons house(he can eat anything).

Its hard to get your head around eating stuff you never would during the year.I think Im totally SW brainwashed and like it when Im back in control.

Ive been off plan because I cant do with working it all out all or nothing.

Ive loved every mouthful but will be glad when I get back to normal.

Have a lovely Christmas !!!!!!
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I'm back on plan tomorrow, getting weighed tuesday morning! usually weigh on a weds but can't make that class.


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i have enjoyed most of the food i've eaten but this morning i got up and went to tesco express to get some leeks to make leek and pea pasta cos i was craving something slimming world stylee. evening meal will be a curry, gonna bulk it out with loads of veg.using a jar of sauce but i've had no syns today cos i just cannot face another chocolate, urgh!! lol :)


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I too am looking forward to eating SW style again. I hate the bloated feeling.


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I have been eating what i like since xmas eve evening- but omg dont i know it! My digestion cant handle the rich food.

We have got loads left- we never bought any chocs but ended up with loads from pressies and such.


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I have eaten ... mainly work food this year. Curses to working Christmas Day (not one customer said Merry Christmas too :( )

I'm going to finish off the marshmallows myself and anything else in the cupboard and Friday I'll be back on the wagon. :D

My halo will be polished ready for Friday morning :p


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I just couldn't bring myself to go off plan and eat what i wanted... This time last year I would have eaten anything I could get my hands on. I just couldn't bring myself to undo any of the hard work I've already put in. Everything that has passed my lips has been counted!


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Well, I took most of December off!

I'm giving myself 6 weeks to get back to target. Will find out at WI tonight the exact damage.

I love a challenge;)