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Does it matter.........

what you eat as long as you stay within your points?
Im on a very strict financial budget and go shopping once a week to keep costs down. I do buy some fresh fruit but not as much as i like coz it will go off by the end of the week.
Im def eating healthier and feel better i just wondered if there is anyone else who is staying within their points but not eating much fresh food and how you are getting on!
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plodding away
Hi there

As long as you stay within points you will lose weight. For health reasons fruit and veg are good, but if fresh is proving too expensive, frozen veg is just as good and usually cheaper. It is usually cheaper to buy the fruit and veg that is in season too. I love tinned mandarins in juice myself. Good luck
Hi hun

Yes as long as you stay within your points you will still loose. As a vegetable hater:yuk: i dont have much, although i am trying :):)



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I use frozen peas, brocolli, peppers etc. So much cheaper than buying fresh and lasts much longer. Im also on a very tight budget so find that the frozen Tesco light choices ready meals, cooked with my frozen veg, really helps the purse strings at the moment.
I'm the same, I don't like buying fresh because its a waste. Frozen is the way I go, and i'm going to try out tinned this week after peoples suggestions :)


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I also buy frozen, even down to peppers and mushrooms. Im finding im eating so much more veg and salad than usual as im only allowd 19 points im trying to pack my food out with as much free stuff as possible lol


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theyre great for bunging into things like spag bol. Got one in the slow cooker at the mo. extra lean mince, hand ful of mushrooms, onions and peppers from the freezer, carton of passata and bobs your uncle!

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