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Does it matter?


I will do this!!!


I will do this!!!
But then id be one short at the end of the week?!?!


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ah right - i get enough to have shakes up until the wednesday tea time, but i get weighed at dinnertime so i always have spares. can u not work your weigh in so as you have enough?
Can't remember who it was, but they split half a flapjack and mix it with half vanilla shake - maybe you could try this then you still use the flapjack and are not short on shakes (unless it's horrible then you've lost 2) - Just an idea xx


I will do this!!!
no i do this through the doctors so i can only get weighed on a tuesday morning. Oh well its my 1st day on week 2 so hopefully missing one meal wont effect me too much


I will do this!!!
another problem there....i hated the vanilla so i didnt get any :( oh well
oh no!
Toasted flapjack???????


I will do this!!!
thats what i did....it just tastes awful!!!


I will do this!!!
cheers :)
Missing a meal also means that you won’t have had enough nutrition.
Couldn’t you have a shake and then see your counsellor earlier than planned to collect some more?
If you can’t I would at least take some form of vitamin and mineral supplement.

Aislinn x


I will do this!!!
no i do this through the doctors so i can only get weighed on a tuesday morning.
Plus its too late to go out and buy vits and mins. Ill just have to go hungry just for tonight
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Pizzle, try breaking the flapjack into small pieces and wash each piece down with plenty of water. Don't worry if it takes you an hour to get it down as long as you do get it down.

Good luck.



I will do this!!!
I think ill just leave it tonight and start afresh tomorrow, its not like iv cheated and eaten, i did eat a few mouthfulls of the flapjack
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Have the shake, tell your pharm/doc the dog ate one!! I'm sure they would give you another!!


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I finally managed to get some flapjacks yesterday (after waiting 3 weeks for them!). I had swapped with Miss Brite a few weeks ago to try the flapjack/porridge with vanilla shake and it was really, really good. I also tried a bit 'raw' and it was disgusting! Last night when I got home from work, I really couldn't be arsed to make soup so had a flapjack on its own and it wasn't too bad. Not lovely, but not bad. You definitely need to drink water with them though as they do taste a little bit sawdusty! I think that stuff just tends to taste better after awhile..... Missing out on one won't hurt too much, just make sure you fill your belly with water! xx

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