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Does it mean I'm not in ketosis?


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Hello my new friends :grouphugg: , I have a question for you... I'm on day 5 here (feels like eternity) and I drink my water and eat my shakes n things, but I am sooo hungry and I'm not feeling euphoric or anything. Does it mean I'm not in Ketosis? :mad: (I have been drinking ONE Coke zero everyday though). Please help, I have bad breath, but I think it's from empty stomach juices rather than anything else :cry:
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I feel like that too and I am definitely in ketosis. When you go to your weigh in does your CDC have some ketostix for you to pee on and check? I wouldn't worry too much - ketosis is meant to be this magic state but I've realised that quite a lot of people don't get the benefit of not being hungry - you have to just choose to ignore it! On 450 calories a day you are going to lose weight - ketosis or no ketosis!

Laura Croft

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Have you did a ketostix test? That'll tell you. The advantage of ketosis is that the symptoms of physical hunger go away, well for almost everyone.

However just because you aren't in ketosis (though I suspect you are) doesn't mean you aren't going to lose weight. The reason you'll lose weight is because you are only on a small amount of calories and obviously using a lot more. In other words, you can even put on weight in ketosis. Obviously the ketosis state makes your body go for the fat for energy bt it it's not the be all and end all. Make sense?
I never had a magic - ooh im in ketosis lots of energy type moment. But i never had a rubbish 2/3 days at the start....just always have a burning hunger. x


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Coke Zero can make some people hungry and cause them to crave things; it's not officially allowed, so maybe cut that out x


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I'm kinda like you sarah, middle of the road, no pain in the beginning, no euphoria either but HUNGER... boy does it make itself felt, even at night! :eek:

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