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Does it really get easier?


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It does get easier, I'm on day 10 of a ss restart, and the first 2 weeks are the worst. Once you've done a month it becomes much better. :)
Just keep in mind the weight losses and the reasons for doing this. You know you can do it :):):)
It definitely gets easier although my journey so far has been quite up and down. Everyone says the first week is the worst and I felt like **** most days. Like you, really weak and no energy to do anything. Then today (day 12) I woke up feeling really well and did an hour's exercise dvd and felt fine during and afterwards. You'll get there hun, maybe it just takes a bit longer for some. Good luck. x
yeah it gets easier, but you do have ups and downs just like any diet but all it is, is a massive mind game just rise above it and be strong,you'd be amazed on how strong we can be. Go to bed early as well, always helps, cheer up ;-) x


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stick with it, I found once you have a routine the weeks fly by!!!


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Honestly it does get better, although like others I have had my ups and downs. For some reason on Friday I felt really tearful and couldn't stop crying - no idea why!!!!!!!!!!!

Hang in there and pop on here if you ever feel you can't cope, it always helps me!

i had quite a few symtons the first two weeks, and i couldnt do a flight of stairs! my legs were really bad, and major hunger pangs constantly but trust me, it will settle down, and u will get your energy back x


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Hi can you get away with having a miso soup whilst on lipotrim?
I remember asking the same question on my first few days, was convinced everyone was lying to me, but believe me it does get better. All in all took me about 3-4 weeks to feel normal. Listen to the experts coffee, water and keeping busy all help!!!

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