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Does it really get harder as we get older??? Confession time!! lol

I was 50 last month! Fortunately I don't look it....so I'm told but as I'm waiting for a hip replacement I bl88dy feel it some days! And does it get harder to lose weight? Bl88dy right it does! I never really had a weight problem until I got sterilised at 35, then I put on a couple of stone which I lost quite easily when I put my mind to it. The last 5 years have been hard as I had to have an emergency hysterectomy following the discovery of an enormous tumour, then a year later I shattered my leg and needed 3 operations and 18 screws and plates. Then I suffered burn-out and had to to stop working....now a year later I've found out that I was born with congenital hip dysplasia and need two new hips!

That's my story!
I'm 29 and have always been very unhappy with the way I look, after trying various diets to no avail I decided to try this as I'm determind now not to be unhappy for my birthday next year!!
I'm 29 and have always been very unhappy with the way I look, after trying various diets to no avail I decided to try this as I'm determind now not to be unhappy for my birthday next year!!
The big ones always seem to demand change......
Sandra-you really have been through it hun.. I am genuinely amazed at your sunny disposition! It takes a special type of person to cope with all that and still be happy.

Hopefully a new you is emerging and you can put all the bad stuff behind you x x x

Gemha.. It's lovely to have a goal in mind.. Make sure you celebrate your 30th well, and make it one to remember (for all the right reasons) :) x x
Thx Su but I honestly believe that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and a sense of humour is bloody useful when the going gets tough!
I totally agree Sandra..Therefore you must be one mighty strong woman!! lol x x
24.. original LT attempt I was 21.. i feel older and wiser now :)
Good for you Missy x x (And thanks for making me feel bloody ancient!!! lol)
Oh No wot a horrible thread!! lol only coz im 43 and 44 next month lol but im told i dont look it and my photo was taken 5 weeks ago so it is upto date. Excuses said ........... i am wot i am lol xx
That does surprise me Daisy.... I think you look...... Hang on, didn't you call me a chuckle brother???? Hmmm... 55? 58? 60? pmsl...

I am surprised cos i thought you were only about...35! ♥ x x
You do look young though x x
Thanks su , you can stay! lol aww skinny one, age is just a number my sister is 55 and she doesnt look it or act it we best friends so I dont think it matters lol xx
That is true, and i think society has changed regarding age.. People aren't really even starting to be old till they are past 60, whereas a few years ago 50 was considered old....

In my opinion you are only as old as you feel!! (that's not really good for me though cos on this diet i feel about 80---in bed by 10, can't eat solid food, weeing continuously!! lol)

You are lucky to have a sister, especially one that you are so close to x x x
I am 30. I got bigger and bigger when i met my hubby and went to college at 16. Weight was never an issue before that.

Mark has always said he loves me for who I am and not what I look like. Now we have two very energetic young boys and I want to run around and be able to play at the park, without getting puffed out.

But I think everyone here is amazing, we all have a story to tell. and it doesn't matter what age you are...It just makes you wiser :D If you really want to lose the weight you will, no matter what obstacles are put in our way.

Go team LT
I am 35 and feel its definately been in the 30's that the weight has started to pile on, although i've never really been skinny!
Onwards and upwards, only getting better now!!
Emma x
I am 39 and think you just can't eat anything
that tastes nice anymore ! X

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