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Does it work for everyone?

Hi, sorry I know i'm not a regular poster and I don't want to come across negative all the time but do you think xenical works on everyone? I've strictly been following a low fat diet and I exercise but the scales don't budge, also yesterday my daughter nagged me into making cakes and I ended up eating some of the cake mixture and a couple of fairy cakes, so basically eggs and margarine which would be well above the 5%. This was the first time i've had something i'm not supposed to and I was expecting some side effects but it's 24 hours later and i've had none at all. So has anyone been told that it doesn't work on some people?! I'm really not convinced that the tablets are doing anything!
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They have to be taken within an hour of eating, so if you didnt take a tab with the cake mixture then you may have avoided the side effects.

Also, if you are sticking to low fat then you shouldnt get any side effects anyway. Ive seen that people on here seem to think its best taking the tab 10 mins or so BEFORE your meal.

So it seems you are doing everything right so you should see the scales move at some point, it just takes some a little longer than others.

Hope that helps
they will work if you follow the rules down to a T. (check info sticky thread at top of forum should help).

if your following it and still not loosing weight id go and speak to a doctor because there might be a diff reason for it , but hey even when your low come talk to us , dont think you should stay away because your low x
there has to be cases where it doesnt work BUT sticking to the lowest fat diet doesnt work, i found that out, so now my breakfast never gets to more than 6g of fat, lunch normally 7-8 and dinner upto 15 with fruit and low fat snacks (go ahead bars at the mo, yum yum) im starting to lose weight, but it takes a week or two to start feeling comfortable with what your eating and not feeling hungry for it all to come together.
Im struggling too and im on the 4th month fo these tablets! All i can say is stick with it! if the tablets dont work the low fat and exercise will!! It may be a slower loss ( like moi) but a loss all the same!

Ive only lost about 8lbs in 3 MONTHS! some ladies lose that in the 1st week! so hang in there hun! Why dont u carry on expecting the tablets NOT to work and u may be in for a nice surprise on WI day at the end of the month?..

Also look for INCH loss.. ive lost a whole dress size in inches just in the last month or so.. its funny after losing 1.5 stone i looked the same.. the last half stone has take me down a dress size!

Weird science

just completed my first week and got weighed this morning i had stayed the same i had been so good all the low fat stuck to rules :( why so i looked a little closer at what i had eaten last week and :eek: my calories were to high now i am using a calorie and fat counter on line to keep me in check i beleive it was me and not the pills that didn't work:D keep trying you'll get there:)
I`m another slow loser :( I am losing about 1lb a week which to me is rubbish :cry: compared to everyone elses amazing losses. But I guess 1lb off is better than 1lb on :)

LiSe x
everyones bodys work diff =[ , hang in there x

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