Does kebab meat have low carb count?

Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by Tranquilize, 26 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Tranquilize

    Tranquilize Member

    I was just wondering if kebab meat like, doner kebab, chicken doner, chicken shish etc have low carb counts?

    if so, i think i may take a trip down to my local place.
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  3. morenachica

    morenachica Silver Member

    That's a good question tranq. There are a few kebab shops around here and that would be nice to know. maybe jim is out there somewhere and will know..
  4. Hellraiser

    Hellraiser Full Member

    I am not sure about all kebab shops but I have had kebab meat with salad and garlic mayo from a few and never been knocked out of ketosis.
    I also would prefer not to eat it at all, but sometimes when you are looking for fast food out on the road your choices can be somewhat limited :)
  5. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Wow, Hellraiser, your pictures are fab - you have done an amazing job :wow:
  6. Hellraiser

    Hellraiser Full Member

    Thankyou very much, you just made my day :D
  7. Tranquilize

    Tranquilize Member

    Wow if i could have garlic mayo with it too that would be heavenly.
  8. British_Claire_84

    British_Claire_84 Gold Member

    I've had three kebabs now since doing atkins. All have been chicken breast pieces done on the grill along with the salad and garlic mayo, yummy. Haven't been knocked out of ketosis that i'm aware of either. Makes a nice change and the lesser of the worse evils i think when working shifts and the shift get takeaways in..
  9. madeinengland

    madeinengland Full Member

    have to agree with british claire.when i go to a kebeb shop it's chicken shish.throw the pitta away and it's basically a chicken salad in a box.
  10. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    I ate kebabs during induction, but yes as Laura says there are some dodgy kebab shops around. :)
  11. British_Claire_84

    British_Claire_84 Gold Member

    Including dodgy kebab shop owners! (Nudge nudge at Jim, i'm hoping he'll remember what i'm on about!)
  12. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    ah, he was the owner then Claire?
  13. British_Claire_84

    British_Claire_84 Gold Member


    don't think i'll be going back till the dust has settled.. lol..
  14. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Oh I don't know, maybe you should consider him, all the kebab you can eat. ;)
  15. ZoBo

    ZoBo Silver Member

    I used to have a tray of donner meat with lettuce, cheese & mayo every saturday & I still lost. Just ask the shop if there is anything added to the meat. If they are reluctant to tell, say it's because you have allergies.... to carbs!!

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