Does my bum look big in this?


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What a transformation - well done you! Had to do a double take to see you were in just one leg! :eek:



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wow well done!!


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WOW!!!! :eek:

Thats amazing and a great insperation for a newbie like me! x


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How great is that, bet you're made up! Well done!


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You look amazing huni!!! I had to do a double take there - didnt realise you were only in one leg of your jeans lol, well done!!!! xx


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Brilliant, thank you for posting / sharing. I have a similar amount to you to lose (perhaps a bit more), its a really encouragement to be able to see others that have done so fantastic.


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OMG! you look fab!
how long did it take you?


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Emsie - you look amazing. I also had to do a double take to see that you had both legs in one leg of your trousers. I am so pleased for you.

Congratulations and thanks for posting.

Gail x