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Does Rosemary Conely plan work?


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Hi, Ive been trying to find out a bit about how Rosemary Conley plan works but not had much luck.

Ive done weight watchers and slimming world before and interested to know if Rosemary Conley would suit me, do you have to weigh everything even veg?

The exercise classes look good after the weigh in and thinking that as i only have part time hours at the moment it will combine a weigh in and exercise at the same time but just dont want a plan thats too restrictive as have an active job so need to eat enough.

Also suffer with pcos and sugar level probs, I dont want to waste more money on joining another group as joined WW last week but quickly found its not for me so hoping to find out a bit more about it before I think about forking out on another membership fee.

Anyone had much success with it?

Any info/advice would be appreciated.

Thank you, Karen
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Hi karen,

I also suffer with blood sugar issues. I once passed out while serving at the till when I was working in a shop!! I have been following the RC solo slim plan for 2 weeks now and have only had 1 low sugar attack in that time. When I eat good food, my blood sugar balances and generally I don't suffer.

I lost 5.5lbs in my first week and have my weigh in tomorrow morning. I don't go to class and have only just started to exercise the last couple of days.

If you are not sure about it and don't want to spend too much money, why not buy the amazing inch loss plan book and follow the plan in there for a week or so before committing? Or even the magazine as there is a week long food plan to try and see how you get on?



Plodding on til its gone
S: 13st13lb G: 11st10lb
Hi kel,

Thats good your sugar level prob has improved :)

Where do I get that book and how much is it? Think Ill get a mag so can get some idea of the plan. I read just now that you cant have any chocolate or anything nice for the first few weeks is that right?

Karen x
Hi Karen,

You can get it from the the website and classes, but you could try play.com and eBay? I got mine in the 28 day box free so not 100% sure to be honest.

In the 2 week kickstart no, you don't have choc. But I haven't even missed it to be honest. I have some of the RC hot chocolate which I have as my second power snack made with my milk allowance which seems to curb my cravings.

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Hi hun
I am currently on week three of the plan and ive lost 4lbs so far.
i was a slimming world member but have struggled for months to get the last few lbs off so decided to join Rosemary Conley instead.
It is working well so far & im enjoying the change of meals etc. It seems to work better around my lifestyle too and I'd highly recommend it.

I also recommend buying the amazing inch loss plan, i have this book and its fab and tells you everything you need to know about starting the plan aswell as recipes and meal planners.

Good luck.
Stacey xxx


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Hi there I agree buy a magazine see how it goes. I have joined a class and loving it, but due to car accident unable to exercise at the mo but with the diet I have still had little losses, better then when WW or SW so nothing to lose but the weight.
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Plodding on til its gone
S: 13st13lb G: 11st10lb
Thanks everyone :)

Karen x


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Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs - UK

is the address of the website - loads of info including recipes and exercise videos - all free.
And yes it does work - I lost over 5 stones doing RC and kept it off for years but recently went on a long long holiday and put on a stone which I am now in the process of getting rid of. Did try SW but eat too much on it and it did not work so now back to RC and calorie counting.


Plodding on til its gone
S: 13st13lb G: 11st10lb
Thank you for the website kindleuser Ill have a look at it later :)

Ive only just started SW again and will see how it goes but havn`t ruled out RC as it looks a good plan.

Ill be interested to see some of the exercises on the site.

Well done on your weight loss, thats great and good luck with shifting that stone :)

Karen x

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