Does the old 14 points a week on treats/booze still apply ?


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When I last did WW which was a long time ago :eek: , I remember my WW leader telling us all we could only use up 14 points a week on treat choccies, sweet things & booze :eek: ... so that equated to 2 point treats a day, or saved up for a bit of a blitz.

I remember it kind of making sense at the time, and helped stopped me blowing 6 points on a twix or other choc bar. I would have say maybe a curly wyrly or other small treat bar.!

She also used to say that using points on such things were empty calories and of no nutritional value (which already knew but its still nice to have a little treat or something :D :D ).

I think when I go back on to WW I will still use that as a guideline for me, hope its of interest to fellow WW'ers too.
OMG, I was never told that when i did WW last year....makes sense though...I think I used to have at least 6 points a day on treaty type wonder I couldnt stick to it if I wasnt following the rules properly!
You can save up to 4 points from your daily allowance, but your not to go below 14 points in any one day and you must use all your saved points allowance within one week.

You can earn as large a points bonus in a week as you wish through exercise.

However you may only spend a points bonus of 12 per week.

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I must admit I was never told about that when I did WW a few years ago. About the treats I mean.
It was a few years ago when I last did WW! :D it probably doesnt apply now at all.

They have changed so many things I can see from the few things mentioned on here.

I can see the point though when I was last doing it, 2 points a day on treats is a sensible approach... I know I could easily blow 6 points on a chocckie bar (1/3rd of my daily allowance of points) or treat but its going to waste so many of the points... and will struggle with whats left. So for me trying to limit it to 2 points a day, or save them up for a few days I think is better.