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does this diet honestly work for evreyone?

I am so despondent. My weight is loss is so slow, I haven't lost anything now in nearly a week. I had a moderate start, then apart from one good loss (and that was over a 10 day period as i missed a session) my loss has been about 2 pounds a week. I can do that on (and have done it) on every conventional diet going. i don't know why I'm putting myself though this. If I was losing 3-4lbs a week then I'd be delighted, but this is absurd, such pathetic loss for such sacrifice. I am sticking to this diet 100%, drinking over 4 litres of water a day, and nothing is coming off it the promised amounts. A stone a month! pah, I'll be lucky to get to half a stone. I seriously think my body has adapted to it and it just doesn't suit me. No idea what to do. I haven't eating anything, and I mean anything since the 9th of January, for what? Yes, I know you are all going to say, but you've lost almost 2 stone in 7 weeks, but in reality I've only lost 5lbs in the last 3 (well, it will be 3 weeks in 2 days time, but I don't believe I'll suddenly shift 4 or 5 lbs in 2 days and then another 4 or 5 in the next week to get me on target for a months weight loss) I think my body just doesn't suit this diet. How can I consume so few calories, so much water and not lose any fat? the maths tells me I should be losing 3lbs a week, but the scales and my body don't comply. By my own bathroom scales I haven't lost an ounce in 6 days. It's making me reconsider, I am so committed but for what.
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Hiya kate,
All I would say is 'stick with it'. I know it can be dishearteining when you have slow weight lossess, especially when you're sticking to the plan 100%. but it will suddenly move... I once stayed the same for 9 days :eek: . My counsellor told me 'stick with it, the result will be worth it' and she was right!

Dare I say that yes you have lost almost 2 stone in 7 weeks :D thats over the average of a stone a month... Our bodies our strange things, could be retaining water?

Have you taken your measurements lately - sometimes if the weightloss is not showing on the scales it will show on the tape measure :D also how about upping your water, see if that makes any difference...

Keep shaking girlie, oh and week 8 you may have your photo taken again, bet you'd see a difference compared to your 'before photo' :p

Good luck


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Sorry to hear you sounding so cheesed off. Hang on in there and the lbs will drop off, as you say you have lost almost 2st in 7 weeks so you are on target for 2st loss in 2 months. That is an incredible amount and you would not be losing at the same rate on a conventional diet. Your losses will fluctuate dramatically so you should look at a month at a time not a weekly or daily. I was quite a slow loser compared to most of my group, I generally lost 2-3lb a week but with the odd week when I lost 4lb and a couple of (miracle of miracles) 5lb losses I ended my 100 days with 4st off.

I don't know of anyone for who this diet has not worked so please give it a bit longer you are honestly doing so well and I bet you have lost loads of inches too, get your C to measure you and to demonstrate the difference from your start stats, I bet you'll feel chuffed to bits when you actually SEE how much difference that 2 st loss has made.

Good luck.
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don't give up because of this, all that will happen is you will put the weight back on and then you'll be sitting wondering 'what if I had continued? maybe it would have worked'

At one point over 3 weeks all together I only lost 5, then the week after I lost 5, so over the 4 weeks I lost 10, which may seem slow, but it still worked out to average just under a tone per month for me long term (when I was sticking to it)

On other diets you would go through the same, periods when you lose less than you expected even though you stuck to it.

I would say hold out for at least another few weeks so you can look at a proper 'running average'

Good Luck


I agree with all ofthe above.. the other thing I wondered was your BMI is quite low ( compared to me and many others anyway)!! Is it that we will all lose comparatively less each week the nearer we get to a healthy BMI? Just a thought!

The other thing is give your LLLc a call and chew it over with her she prob has expereince of this and can help!

Big hug for your sweetie.. you've done so well.. don't give up now.. the goal posts are in sight!


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What about changing the combination of foodpacks you have?
What about excercise?
I felt the same Kate, for about 3 weeks Ilost no more than 1.5lbs but stuck with it and have been losing 3lbs for the past few weeks.
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I go along with all the others, Lilypad. Keep to the diet. It will work. you are just slowing down a little because you're getting close to a healthy BMI of 25. You have decided to go to a lower BMI in your head. Your body may well be levelling out to what it feels happy with, probably making the struggle to get to a BMI of 21.1 physically more difficult.

Stick with it tho'

Chris http://livelifelighter

Don't give up. Put your scales at home away and don't weigh your self. I agreed with my LLC to only be weighed once every two weeks because I know I really put on weight for about two weeks around my period. I knew if I saw and slow down or weight gain would really demotivate me and would increase the chance of me lapsing. Its worked really well as a strategy for me and most fortnights I lost between 7 and 9 pounds.

If you stick to the plan you have to lose weight because your body has to get the energy it needs from somewhere. Try the two week thing and don't weigh yourself in between - you'll be amazed at how well you are doing. I have lost over 4 stone and am now on management. Its lovely to go and buy size 12 clothes but I couldn't have imagined that on the 24th October.

It gets easier with time and once you get through the first month or so you will start to forget about the food and pack it just a part of your life. Once you do that the sence of deprivation really does start to go.

I wish you all the best.
Thank you for all your words of support. Feeling a bit more positive now, have bought a load of size 12 clothes off ebay, including a juicy coutoure track suit, a Karen Millen dress and a pair of Rock and Republic jeans, can't wait till they get here and i can slip them on. I know realistically I wouldn't have been a size 12 by now on any other diet. But I want to be a 10!!!!
Pixie, exercise, I've always exercised, even before this diet, would go to gym 3 or 4 times a week, and do a couple of aerobic classes too, and if anything I'm doing slightly more now, I really don't want to stop tho', as I need to tone up what's left!
thanks again

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