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does this sound ok rtm wk 3 fruit


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Are you not still supposed to have packs?

Cont the calls if you add a 100 cals per week and stick to that you should be okay. in week 4 you should be up to around 800 cals I think.


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Going into Week 3 on thursday that sounds normal to me rachee, i can wait for the fruit.

Have to admit i have tried this combo and its great

Grilled Chicken Brest with tabasco
Leafy salad with honey dressing (low fat)

tastes incredible when tabasco clashes with dressing

How much jelly do you have some people are having loads im sticking to about 2 pots a day, small pots that is.
sometimes just one but sometimes 2 havent gone over that really scary still
this is what ive had today /going to have today

7am ~porridge pack
9am ~1 plum (which is supposed to be half a portion)
11am~strawberry smoothie (portion strawbs/half tub of greek 0%/skimmed milk)
2pm~cucumber and lettuce with some kraft light garlic and herb and lemon juice mix with spring onions chopped through it
330pm~1 plum (other half of the portion)
5pm~tuna steak with half tin of chopped tomatoes and chilli and garlic made into a sauce served over salad
7pm jelly with half tub greek 0%
9pm peanut bar
if anyone has any advice if this is ok or not all gratefully recieved


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Here is what im having

100g of protein with leafy salad, dressing, tabasco and fromage fraiz
jelly (haveing a bowl)
Fruit 250g
Porridge (pack)
Lemon Bar (pack)

Now i was told that jelly is unlimited, but im becoming paranoid that i may have gained weight, i have a weigh in tonight eeeek.

Im about to go into week 4 today, can somebody please confirm if im doing ok so far, i really feel like im eating to much when in reality im probably para for nothing
sounds ok to me iam in week 4 not really tried cooking veg yet still happy with my salad iam not weighing my fruit dont really want to weigh everything just going for my five a day at least although somebody told me that when they did the study for how much fruit veg you need it was actually 9 pieces but government decided that would scare people so they said 5 a day


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Ok Panic over went and got weighed, i lost 1lbs, so now onwards into week 4.

I will be combining these next 4 weeks, i remember reading about this on another thread.

basically weeks 4&5 i will do half the week for 4 and the other for 5
6&7 samething half and half

8 - 12 as normal as these are the triggers.

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