Does this sound right??


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Hi all :) I just wanted to check with you guys if what I've eaten today sounds right. Because I am SO full, and it just seems weird to be so full on a 'diet'. Although, maybe I should be considering it a lifestyle change instead?!

Anyway, here it is:
Breakfast - 2 soft boiled eggs, 3 rashers of grilled bacon and a glass of water
Lunch - Salmon fillet, pork loin steak, cauliflower mash with butter and raw baby spinach, with a dollop of mayo. And water.

Does this sound ok?? My fitness pal is coming out at 59% fat, 36% protein and 5% carbs so far, with a calorie count of roughly 1110.

I honestly don't know how I will manage dinner now, and I want to make sure I'm not eating too much.

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Hi and welcome, your food sounds great and yes that is what you can eat, it is great way of eating. Good luck


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All looks good to me- you don't have to eat until you're full, but Atkins says eat until you're satisfied. So in future you might be able to have the salmon for lunch and the pork for tea? One advantage of being in ketosis is that you tend to be less hungry.