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Does times you have shakes affect weightloss?


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Hi all, quick question.

I have now, on day 6, got into the habit of not eating - good stuff. but as soon as i have my first shake, i find myself hungry for the rest of the day. So, i've been putting my first shake off until 4pm ish. I'm absolutly fine until about 4 then have another at 6ish and another at 9ish.

does anyone think leaving all my shakes so late in the day is affecting the diet?

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I'd try splitting your shakes if you can. I used to have this problem (be starving after I have my first shake), but worked a routine for having them that suited me? I find if I know I'm having something at "x" o'clock, then its easier for me to forget the cravings (or at least hold them off with water!) Only time will tell if it'll affect your diet, I can't see it making a difference though?


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I usually end up having mine pretty late because it suits me better to do it that way and my losses are still pretty good. I think as long as you're having the recommended amount of shakes in the day and plenty of water, it doesn't really matter.
I never have my first shake or water until I've been for my WI on WI day as I feel that its a true weight that way. I don't think it matters but space them out just a bit anyway so you've got a gap.


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hi Sarah,
don't know what to say on this, I have mine about 11am, 3pm and 8pm and I find that suits me. But then again I don't feel hungry when I drink them, they actually make me feel full. It's amazing how different we all are on here isn't it?. Take care.


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usually have mine at 10, 2 and after 6 but no shouldnt really make any difference when you have them as long as you do :)

h x


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I can't see that it would matter to be honest and down to personal preference, I have mine 8, 12ish and then 6/7pm during the week, weekends as and when really, just habit now. As long as you are getting them all in and drinking plenty of water should be ok - if its working for you stick with it :)


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hey, i have mine at 12, 4 and 9ish.. but when i went out on my first night out i actually saved one of my shakes for when i got in at 4am because it was my first week when i was still feeling hungry.. i thought better a shake at 4am than a kebab and chips lol! i don't think it will make any difference but maybe ask your chemist?

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