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Does V&T count as a meal replacement? ;)


Feeling great in 2012!
Met friends last night and had 2 vodkas and slimline tonic but didn't stay for the meal, and by the time I got home it was late and I didn't bother with the final food pack. I'm sure that V&T isn't a recommended replacement for a food pack but I think the calories are about the same, and was it worth it? Oh yes! :D

Guess it's my little 'treat' after being 100% for 4 weeks. Back to 100% today tho.
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Sounds like a fun mrp to me!!

Well done on the 4wks. I'm day 11 and although I feel fab re clothes etc I can't imagine the next 10.5wks of doing this! Have some soups n meals from s&s so at least I can have a hot meal!



Feeling great in 2012!
I'm day 11 and although I feel fab re clothes etc I can't imagine the next 10.5wks of doing this! Have some soups n meals from s&s so at least I can have a hot meal!
Actually I can imagine doing this until Christmas as now that I look back the first 4 weeks have flown by. When I first started 4 weeks ago it seemed like an eternity away but the time goes so quickly. I did the LT diet 6 years ago and was 100% for 4 months (and lost 5 stone) and that was so damned awful that this diet seems like a breeze in comparison. The LT shakes were awful (not sure if they've improved them now), the chicken soup was so disgusting even the smell of it made me want to throw up, and the bars were apparently so terrible that my pharmacy didn't even stock them as they said that no one who had tried them liked them at all. I do actually like the shakes, bars and spag bol on this diet so it's not feeling too much like a chore.

Just keep plugging away and take each day at a time and you will get there before you know it. The rewards just keep on coming:

Fitting into favourite clothes that you haven't been able to wear for ages
Starting to wear more fitted clothes instead of loose and baggy as you feel better about your shape
Enjoying going shopping for clothes instead of sneaking in and out or only buying online so you don't have to meet any skinny minis in the changing rooms
Being complemented on your weight loss
Feeling healthier and with more energy than before
Generally feeling better about yourself

And to quote your username - ITSWORTHIT!
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Hehehheeheh Boarders you rebel! Yup, in my book a couple of V+Ts are a great m.r! Im jealous! I eat when I drink, so would be a very bad move for me!
You have done ACE this last 4 weeks, well done to you!nGlad you enjoyed your drink!


Feeling great in 2012!
I usually want to eat when I drink too, and that's when my resolve usually weakens, however I usually drink wine but I chose V&T this time because of its low carb value and it really didn't make me hungry enough to want to eat. It was also very lovely having had 4 weeks off the booze! No problems getting back to 100% again today. I don't feel hungry at all and I feel like I'm still in ketosis which is great :). If you are going to have alcohol on the odd occasion then vodka is the way to go I think.
IMO.............voddie is ALWAYS the way to go;)

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