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does your body get used to xenical?


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Morning girls, hope you're all well.

As the thread suggests, my question is, does your body become used to the tablets, like in the way that maybe if you take a painkiller for a while, you need to up the dosage to get the same effect.

I havent weighed myself today, i'm waiting until next week as i think i've either stayed the same or put on slghtly and i dont want to demotivate myself anymore, but having looked over my food cosumption this week, i've not went crazy, but i could have done better, yet i've had no negative effects.

Have the tablets stopped working as well, or am i just not eating as badly as i thought?

(also, if you dont mind, i've found myself rather constipated the past few days).

Thanks xx
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i often think this myself, but in the long run you end up eating less fat because you make better decisions, so when the tablets are cutting out 1/3 of the fat, your absorbing next to nothing, so i think as long as each meal is balanced they should work effectively.

and the constipation is just because your diet has completely changed, it does go after a while!! (and the wind, if you also don't mind me saying!!) xx
I am guessing you havent been as bad as you think you have been, i have thought a couple of times maybe i was getting used to them then i ate something i shouldnt have and got the side effects, oops!!. for the constipation drink plenty of water and also try green tea and peppermint tea.


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There's no point in upping your dosage, no matter what you've eaten, one tablet would do the same as if you took two tablets. Your body still reacts to xenical, I had some haloumi cheese this weekend, and whilst I didn't have a lot of it, I noticed that xenical did it thing!! (eww - sorry!)

Like others have said, it seems that your automatically eating better foods! Well done!! As for being constipated, have some prunes ;);)!!


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thanks girls, prunes and peppermint tea for lunch tomorrow maybe??? ha!

damn this pcos, mother nature has called on me again, hoping it doesn't have a negative effect on me come weigh in on saturday :(

mrs a

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i keep thinkking this too but......i pinched some of hubby's chips last night and had awful pains all night :sigh:


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I've just had my weigh in at WW, and celebrated with scallops (never cooked them before, but they were yummy and salad, not a problem there, but followed it with a wispa, and now I'm waiting.......

Going away tomorrow, so I've got to be good being in company for two days!!


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i had these for over 12 months and they helped my weightloss, then they stopped working. even when i was on holiday being very bad it didn't make any difference.

so the answer is yes, well for me it was, and it won't make any difference how many you take.

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