Dog breath!

Oh yes we all had or have that problem!

Drinking loads of water helps, as does cleaning your teeth and also gold spot spray.

Remember the taste is the byproduct of burning fat so is ALL GOOD!!

It's gross isn't it? I brush my teeth and tongue about five times a day and use Corsodyl mouthwash - which was obviously invented by a sadist as it tastes so putrid - yet i still find myself talking to people from behind my hands as I am so paranoid :(
I am so glad I'm not the only one. I feel really ickly lately.

Are there any other proven cures? I know chewing gum is out but what about breath sprays?
On a different forum Mummydebbie recommended decanting an alcohol free mouth wash into a small squirty bottle and using it as a mouth spray. It works fantastically, and superdrug sells little plastic spray bottles that fit in a bag and are really unobtrusive. If you really need to, you can then just take the cap off and have a gargle as well.
This was one of the best tips I ever received - hope it helps :)
Gold spot is a breath freshening spray :) It does help

I also find that mouthwash really helps with the breath but I think drinking more water is the key