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  1. unreal83

    unreal83 Want to be a yummy mummy!

    I woke up today with the most rancid taste in my mouth and I bet my breath does not smell too great either!!!:sign0137:

    I have a mouth spray which i keep spraying but when that wears off the taste creeps back! Its like something has died in my gut!

    I am so worried about talking too closely to people!!
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  3. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    i always worry about it to. I try and stand as far back as poss from people and im always chewing chewing gum :)

    becky xx
  4. Jue xx

    Jue xx Full Member

    Yes, for me this is definately the biggest down-side of doing the CD. I suffer really badly with bad breath (so my husband keeps telling me - at least he's honest!), and as my job is a medical rep, visiting surgeons and theatre nurses all day, it's not good! I keep a bottle of mouth wash in the car in the desperate hope that it might help, but I do get really paranoid about it.
  5. unreal83

    unreal83 Want to be a yummy mummy!

    Can anyone give the reason for this? I mean - I know its ketones coming out, but why do they smell so bad?

    Here comes the science bit!
  6. Jue xx

    Jue xx Full Member

    Ketones (in particular, acetone, which is a ketone - I remember this from my chemistry classes), are the chemicals used in nail-varnish remover. Ketotic breath actually smells like nail varnish remover! Yuk, no wonder people are keeping their distance!
  7. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    i think drinking lots of water helps aswell keep it down:D
  8. LucyLou

    LucyLou Silver Member

    Oh God! Ive got it too. Such a vile taste in my mouth!

    I didnt know that chewing gum is allowed?? I have a toothbrush and toothpaste in work and mouthwash but its still gank :jelous:

    Can we have any mints? What about those listerine strips??
  9. Loopy!

    Loopy! Silver Member

    You can chew gum but they reccomend that you do it for short periods as chewing could set off your cravings.

  10. apia08

    apia08 Full Member

    How long does that last? How funny I thought I could smell nail vanish remover lately.. it must be oozing out of me. Going to carry mini mouth wash whereever I go..
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