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I can't beleive I have been coming into the cambridge forum for weeks now and never noticed this area until today.......doh!

I see some familiar friendly faces are already here, and hello to those of you that I havent seen before.

Having a bad day today, so glad I've found so much more to read and to motivate me.

Keep glugging everyone xx
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I can't beleive I have been coming into the cambridge forum for weeks now and never noticed this area until today.......doh!
I see some familiar friendly faces are already here xx
Bluegirl, What stage are you at??? Try not let one bad day get you down too much, your ticker shows fab results. Forumites over here will surely cheer you up.:)

I joined at beginning of September and tend to stick in this area of the CD Forum. I sometimes glance at the other areas, but this area tends to have new posts every few minutes, rather than every few hours or days.
The names also become familiar too and you really feel like you are part of a 'new' family. It has helped me get to Day 45 without problems and with a fab weight loss.
Just need to ensure i maintain this loss.
Aw thank you all for your warm words.

I have a varied history over the last 5 weeks.......gained 1lb (1st week, impossible apparently!); lost 7lb (over 2 weeks), lost 8lb (over 2 weeks) and I get weighed tomorrow.

I feel like I need bulk somehow, just something, but I've just been out to the supermarket, sniffed bread, only bought for other half, made his "lunch" didnt pick and back for more glugging

Thanks for making me feel welcome x


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You do make me laugh, sniffed bread, just like me!!!!!
On a few of my threads i have mentioned how i have walked through food courts in shopping centres and inhaled all the food smells.
I also have continued to do full cooking for family and had to watch them have full Sunday lunches, while i sip at a tomato soup.
Regardless, i have coped with CD, just knowing what the end result will be has kept me going.
Don't forget to post tomorrow's loss
and join one of the group threads. Just like joining a mini club.
Sniffing bread is keeping me going............honestly.........its almost.........almost as good as tasting it!

My other half has cookies from M & S too, oh god the smell of them is devine........jeeze I should stop, some of you might not like hearing about my sniffing fetish, although I really dont think this is the place to be talking about any of my fetishes!!!!!!

eeek! There is no escape for me is there? I hope you're not going to jump out of the bread bin in my kitchen when I go for my fix later? lol


K xx
"Bread Sniffing" LMAO

I have recently stopped smoking and this is what i did when i was drinking (before CD) i went outside smelt the smoke and came back inside feeling all satisfied.

I am going to look into this maybe if things get bad for me i will try it.

Still LMAO
Ah, now thats where I get it from, I did exactly the same when I gave up the fags, just had the waft from other peoples, now I dont like the smell of it at all.

Do you think I'll ever get fed up of the smell of fresh bread? lol

No but perhaps it will help you as quite often things never taste as good as they smell and are a bit disappointing. Try bear it in mind i certainly won't be on the fags again.

I think you're right. The smell is almost good enough isnt it? I can keep smelling, but you can only taste for a moment........ooohhh I think I might get a bit deep if I keep thinking like this!


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