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Doing a buffet on Xmas Eve.....

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Mrs*S, 14 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. Mrs*S

    Mrs*S Full Member

    Has anyone got any ideas or recipes for finger food for a red day please :)
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  3. stephie0611

    stephie0611 needs to focus!!!!

    sw scotch eggs
    celery sticks, carrot sticks
    rolled up ham
    crab sticks
    pickle and cheese on cocktail sticks
    make up a breakfast sw quiche and cut into small pieces
    devilled eggs
    you could make the breaded mushrooms and onion rings - sw style
    chicken drum sticks with the skin taken off.
  4. Sarah-Jayne

    Sarah-Jayne Gold Member

    SW quiche
    SW pig in blankets (using morrisons sausages and lean bacon)
  5. Mrs*S

    Mrs*S Full Member

    Thank you :) given me some ideas
  6. Meli

    Meli Gold Member

    You can also try some tandoori chicken nibblets (free on a red)-yum!
  7. Lonestitcher

    Lonestitcher Silver Member


    But, my idea for the Christmas taster night (low syn) was:

    Using a bag of Ryvita minis cheese and chive for the base, putting on some quark mixed with laughing cow extra light triangles, and topping with some smoked salmon. (uses hex b, hex a, No syns - or only a few syns if you don't want to use the Ryvitas and laughing cow as hex's)

    Was also going to try the Ryvita minis mature cheese flavour with either bacon or tomato on the top.

    I don't know if any of this will help - I'm not even sure if it's going to taste nice yet !!! ;)
  8. avisk

    avisk xx

    Trim celery, cut into bite-sized pieces, fill the hollows with quark mixed with whatever flavourings you fancy - finely chopped chives, celery salt, finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes, etc., etc.
  9. soccermom

    soccermom I AM A WEMITT x

    Please share the recipe, many thanks :D
  10. Loopeylou

    Loopeylou Gold Member

    Love the idea of topping ryvita mini's mmmmm mind racing with ideas now

  11. Lucky7

    Lucky7 Gold Member

    That Chicken Cake recipe is lovely when it's cooled down and cut into bits. (Chicken or Turkey, with sausage, cheese and bacon).
    Yum yum bubble gum!!!

    Why red and not extra easy?
  12. ilovelife

    ilovelife Wishing and hoping!

    you can do a friendly sw shish kebab - i believe red meal cook book
  13. Mrs*S

    Mrs*S Full Member

    Oh thanks guys I will take pics of my buffet when I do it and post it on here lol
  14. Meli

    Meli Gold Member

    I will add it to the recipies section tomorrow :)
  15. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    Quark with sardines in tomato sauce, blitzed in a blender. Yummy! X

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