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Doing extra easy and feel deprived

This is my 5 th day of doing extra easy and i feel deprived of the things i like i had a salad and ham sandwich for lunch the bread was 6.5 syns as i had porridge for bfast and i would have liked a packet of low fat crisps aswell with my sandwich and i did not have them as that would be another 6.5 syns so this is nearly my syns gone for the day just feel so deprived and having to miss these treats this will make me want to binge
So just wondering if sw is going to work for me
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Hi Starlight
I have my cereal for my healthy B but i start work for 8 oclock and leave the house at 7.40 so dont have time to do bacon eggs so have to have my cereal as healthy B

I struggled with EE too when it came out - I have now realised that it was more a mental thing than anything else. I was so used to doing red or green days and having 2 as and 2 bs it took ages for me to click that if I was having a red day I seved one of my b's for potatoes anyhow do EE was infact the same if not better cause I could snack on any free red or green food.

If all you have had today is proridge and a ham sarni you could turn today into a red day and loose the bread syns as your bread could be a B. Just a thaught
Can you mix extra easy and have red days in the same week
that is a good idea but can you still have 15 syns and have free food but you cant have mashed potatoe on a red day how do you go on as i like my mash


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What do you feel deprived of? Sometimes it's easier to fix it if you know exactly what you want. I often crave chocolate, so I try and find sweet things to eat that are free or low in syns such as; muller light yoghurt, toffee flavoured. :D Personally, I like EE but if you do a red or green day, then you can have 2 healthy extra Bs, which means you can have your porridge AND bread. What else have you eaten today? Are you filling up on plenty of free food? That helps!

I know it's hard, it is at first. :gen126: You're not alone. We're right here with you.


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If you want mash then use green days and measure your meat. i am doing EE this week, and so far it's been great. Steak and chips is no longer off the menu, and i can have a decent amount of meat for my roast dinner today. If you want bread, and porridge or cereal every day then red/green might be better for you as jojosing suggests.
I feel deprived off packet of crisps mini cheddars and cakes and if i want a piece of quiche lorraine from delicaesence in supermarket as these are all high syns
I have eaten my porridge ham sandwich with lettuce and light cheese slice and tomatoes had a mullerlight yoghurt and banana
For tea having salmon salad with new potatoes and mixed salad with light coleslaw and light salad cream then will have strawberries later with a meriungue nest or creme frais would like some eat smart ice cream but that is high syned this is from morrisons


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I hear what your saying Gingernut. What you need to remember is you (and everyone else here) have to change your eating habbits, if they were perfect none of us would be in this forum :D

It is mainly about moderation and variation. So how about some french fries for 4.5syns rather than walkers for 9. (Or even better Tesco Cheese Curls are only 3.5) If you've already used up your B in the morning then how about making an open sandwich? Or making something the night before?

Hope this helps

Natt xxx


Starting Again!
I feel deprived off packet of crisps mini cheddars and cakes and if i want a piece of quiche lorraine from delicaesence in supermarket as these are all high syns
I really don't want this to come out the wrong way, but like all of us it's bad habbits! It's those things above why you are over weight, (I'm not preeching, I'm exactly the same). Its saying right I can have a pack of mini cheddars for 7syns and that still leaves me 8 for anything else. Like I said before about making choices and variations and moderations instead of half a quiche only 28g etc.

You can have those things from time to time, but you need to use your syns more cleverly. Extra easy gives you the same amount of syns but less HEx's so actually i think you might be better with red/green as you can still have your spuds, and your bread, and you'll not have to "waste" your syns on bread which appears to be how you're feeling about it? Maybe you need to plan your days more then you'll be able to work in the things you want? Are you going to a group or DIY? Your leader will be able to help if you're in a group. Also maybe try a set week from the SW mag they ahve a variety of menus and can be pretty useful for ideas as well.
Ive just accepted that until I get to goal weight a quiche with a pastry crust is off the menu and I tend to make the SW quiche instead.

I would personally suggested ditching EE and going for green or red days where you can have 2 healthy extra a's and 2 b's, then your bread could've been your second HEB and you could have had the crisps as well - BTW which crisps are you having for 6.5 syns? If you had Walkers baked they are only 5.5 onlys. As a vegetarian I gain nothing at all from EE but lose 2 healthy extras but to be honest I don't think I could follow it in anycase, my healthy extras are a big part of my day LOL!!
I hear what your saying Gingernut. What you need to remember is you (and everyone else here) have to change your eating habbits, if they were perfect none of us would be in this forum :D

Natt xxx
Good point!
Do you have a microwave omlette maker, if so its takes literally 2-3 mins to cook up a ham and tomato omlette, then are you left with both healthy extras - assuming you want stick to EE.
Hi thanks
I think im going to keep perservering with extra easy and add a few red days in and see what happens and going to look for a recipie for the sw quiche
I go to a sw group
Thats so true Squiddie. Ive hankered a couple of times for sweet things, things that I could easily have had on WW but Ive just had something else instead.

I think its hard when you move from one tried and tested diet to a new one and it takes a bit of getting used to. Theres a lot to adapt to moving from WW to SW, as there would be going from SW to WW but if you can just try and fight the cravings, plan the day and fill up on free foods youll be fine.

I had a sneaky peek at the scales this morning and Im already 3lbs down :clap:
I factor into my daily syns 1 treatsize chocolate bar from Cadburys they are 4.5 syns each and they sort my sweet tooth out a treat. I realise the closer to goal weight I get I might have to give these up for a while, but for the time being its working for me and I still get to have a bit of chocolate!! Perfect.

If you want to persevere with EE then I think it might be worth trying to have more free foods for brekkie, how about fruit and low fat yoghurt, or getting up 10 mins earlier to have a cooked breakkie (I know I know much easier said than done - I normally have a cooked brekkie Saturday, Sunday and 1 day in the week). Omlette, poached eggs with bacon and beans - ive got the microwave omlette maker and the egg poacher - both fantastic when you are short on time and those snack pots of beans are just brilliant - 1 min in the microwave and they're done!!