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Doing Propoints as a veggie.

Hiya, I'm a veggie and am loving propoints. I feel I am eating healthier esp having more fruit. I'm snacking on that rather than reaching for some chocolate.

I've been very hit & miss with ww anyway lately so having the new plan has given me new motivation. :)
I'm a veggie, and so far I am loving it; but that prob has something to do with teh fact that I only started on Friday and have used my weekly pp's on stuff like chocolate and chinese this weekend... I guess the real test will be during the week days when I stick to my 29points allowance... but like poppygirl said, I too have been hit and miss, lacking motivation; and this new plan has motivated me to get back to class and get losing weight.... :)

you both sound just like me... I have struggled to stick to WW for ages.. but this new plan is giving me new motivation. I suppose because it is new, and when you have done WW on and off for a few years it does become a bit 'boring'.

So new plan, new start for me, let hope it gives us all the results we all want. :D

Going back to being a veggie on this plan... as said I cant see why its difficult. I can find plenty to eat just got to leave the rubbish alone, which is a point waster for sure.

All best everyone. xx
It would be great to see how we all do at weigh in. Mines not until Thursday morning. I have 11 of my weekly points left as I had a gorgeous veggie pizza last night with ww garlic bread and 2 x glass of wine :)

Its my birthday on Wednesday and am going out for the day with my mum and am having a meal out with friends next Saturday so can spread my points out lol! The only thing I'm struggling with is to drink more water but I drink tons of redbush tea so I think that helps :)

Good luck everyone xxx
Thanks Dizzy-Deb! Grand old age of 35....eek!! I've got 11 weekly points left for Wednesday for lunch out, might have a fruit salad for breakie to save some points! Hope you had a good day!

I've just ordered the Quorn cook book so looking forward to getting that in the post :)
oooh def let us know what you think of the Quorn cook book; I was tempted to get it! Well; it's weigh in tomorrow evening for me, and the scales at home show a loss of a couple of lbs, so I am hoping it's around that when I go weigh in!

Is anyone struggling with lunches for work? I don't like cooking anything in the microwave whilst I am there (manky!!) so like cold stuff; but I am struggling for ideas... evening meal is usually around 6-10pts, breakfast about 5 - so leaves quite a bit for lunch and snacks (I'm on 29)... would be grateful for any ideas!! :) xx
Hiya, my weigh in is tomorrow too, 10am!! I'm hoping for a few pounds off too ad I've really followed pp this week.

Will def post a review when quorn cook book arrives :)

Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow
I'm a meat eater, though I was veggie for ten years - but I actually find myself opting for veggie alternatives more and more because Quorn gets you more bang for your buck! I've been eating quorn pieces in stir fries, quorn sausages and am making a quorn moussaka this week. I've sent off for the free cookbook hoping I can make lots of the meals plan-friendly. Luckily the fam like quorn (well, they know better than to complain!) and it makes it easier to adapt family meals to PP if I use quorn.

I am a big quorn fan, can you tell!!

Lots of yummy lentil soup this week too, nommers.
well done!!!!
well done even to you, poppygirl! :)
I was very worried about doing PP as a veggie as it is very protein based but ive found it good actually. Im still eating carbs just a bit less of them (ie. not every meal....well almost!) and as quorn is low it really does bulk things out for hardly any points.
I was eating alot of pulses and beans but have stopped now as I dont like them that much and they are very high now. I dont think PP would be at all good for vegans so im glad that Ive gone back to vegetarianism as i lost 2 pounds this week :)
Congrats on the weight losses peeps! Yeh, I do feel like I have eaten more - sp. as I had a really unprepared busy week and opted for take away 3 times and had several bags of maltesers and pints of cider - not the healthiest week, but it was just one of those weeks when you don't get five minutes to yourself - so this week I will be back to normal!

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