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Doing Slimming World but getting weighed at Weight Watchers


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I recently defected to WW as was bored by SW & never losing anything but I have found WW a bit of a faff with a lot of weighing etc.

I bought a 3 month pass so have paid for meetings till april 11th so was thinking of getting weighed there but doing SW :busted:

Not really sure why I am sharing this but I just wanted to say it in my head

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It will beinteresting to hear the pros and cons of the two and how different your weight losses are xx
weight watchers have a similar plan to slimming world, used to be called Core, but has changed names now (can't remember off the top of my head what it is called now), you could give that a try while you are still on your pass. It is slightly different, in that you don't get healthy extras, but there are just as many free foods. Then you get a daily points allowance on top of that. Think it is about 5 points, bearing in mind 2 slices of WW bread is 1 point.

(can you tell I used to do weight watchers lol). The plan does work, and it works well, it just wasnt for me long term, as you dont want to be counting points etc for life, whereas with slimming world I can see it is asomething I can continue once at target.


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I think it's a great idea, particularly when you successfully lose as much or more than the rest of the class, and then reveal the truth at the end. Sounds like fun :D
As BritMum says, WW have their 'Simply Filling' plan, which used to be the Core plan. It is similar to SW (which is why I think they stopped plugging it as much).
If memory serves me correctly, you had a list of free foods and a weekly points allowance of 21-not much when you think about it!


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I defected to SW from WW when they withdrew the Core Plan a couple of years ago - I lost loads on the Core Plan but couldn't get to grips with the points system. Can't bare having to weigh and plan my meals!!! That said, my sister has lost 7 stone on WW over the past 2 years, and looks fab. However, in order to be at the target SHE wants to be at, she needs to grow another 8 inches!!! WW say she still needs to keep going to reach her 'maximum' target weight for her height if she wants to be a target member. I love the fact that at SW you chose your target weight, and no-one else can tell you that you should be any other weight!


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you can be our informant - tell us what the classes are like etc! haha! i used to do WW, but it was so long ago....did lose weight but learned nothing really - except if i ate 4 packs of french fries per day, i had enough points for a saddo ready meal made by WW! pah! lol! x

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