Doing something about it..


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I'm a WeMITT as well :) I've tried numerous times to do something about it and failed but this time is different.
I remember something I said ages ago....

How many times do we eat when we are actually hungry ? Thinking about my previous eating habits I can honestly say that I can''t remember the last time I ate because I was hungry. I had breakfast at work at about 10ish because I had got up at 6 and thought 10 was late for breakfast, I ate at 12 o''clock because that was my lunchtime, I ate at about 7ish in the evening because it was about the right time for dinner and any later would cause me sleep problems. In all those times I can''t remember eating because I was hungry. I''m not sure what hunger actually feels like. I have been overweight for years and years and only once have I ever had someone say something to my face about my size. I have never had problems attracting someone and always been lucky in love
I''ve never been bullied as some people have, I''ve never been teased and taunted. So, I ask myself, why now ?
Its because I am so fed up not being able to wear the clothes I would like to, having to check out chairs in pubs to make sure my fat arse won't get stuck in them, fooling myself that my skirt has shrunk slightly, feeling hot and sticky when walking up 2 flights of stairs and pretending that getting the next bus isn't a problem as I feel so uncomfortable running for this one. There are as many more things I could add, I'm sure you all know what they are and have many more reasons yourselves.
This time I mean it, that will be my mantra. I will say it time and time again and remind myself just how unhappy I am at times!
Welcome Salsalass - you have found your spritual "home" we are with you all the way. I share your feelings, I just know, deep within me that this time is different, and I really DO mean it.
If you want a WeMitt T shirt, I can still get them done, but after I get back from holiday on 29th August.
Hope to see you at our "meet" in November - you could well be 4 stone lighter by then!!!!
Hey Pam.....

Don't you ever forget this feeling that you have now!!! When you come round next week, I'll show you my WeMITT gear...its quite cool!! :)

You are sooooo in the right place, hun and you're right you are gonna do it but this time you're gonna do it for good!!! :)