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Doing sooooo much better on red days!

Wow! Thats fab...bet youre feeling great and loving the meat to ha!....I have added more red days this week as I read on a previous post to mix things up if youre getting stuck.
I find green day sooo easy and extra easy is fine too but keep struggling with meal ideas on red?
I weigh in Tuesdays so will see if its made any difference then xxx


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I love red days, def my favourite! EE is fab for days when I want a chilli or curry but I like my HEs, although I do throw in one or two Green for variety too!
Yea i got my club 10 this week, so its deffo increased my weightloss! I have lots of nice meals, even chilli on salad is nice- especially if you use your healthy extra B for a wholemeal pitta its very much like a takeaway.

I also have metal skewers and make chicken kebabs on them with courgettes, peppers, onion and mushroom all on a bed of salad with garlic yogurt.

Crabsticks chopped up with salad is nice

chicken omlette

tuna salad

basically anything with salad is good and lots of lean meat.

Im making chicken kiev's tomorrow wrapped in back and with a side salad and wedges using my B choice. yum!


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I've been enjoying more Red days too and have had a good week (lost 2.5 lbs). SW has made me think differently and where I used to have a lot of rice and pasta based meals I'm now having more salads and veg. I had pasta on Thursday night and took some leftovers to work yesterday for lunch ... boy was my tummy swollen! It reminded me of the days when I was 13 lbs heavier with a big fat belly every day! :eek:

Red for me ;)
I do a couple of green days a week, tonight I am having chilli (extra lean mince - HEB) with brown rice. I quite like the brown rice, trying so many different things since starting S W. Not a big fan of veg though wish I was, would make things a lot easier
ive been sticking with extra easy found weightloss slowed right down. now im having a go at green. enjoying it but struggle to find meatless meals. so think im gonna give red a go tomorrow. fingers crossed i have a bigger loss this week. last 3 weeks ive lost 1lb a week in a month lost 5lbs. before that i lost a stone in a month. still happy with any loss i just think im getting a little impatient x


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I always struggled with red days and pretty rubbish at ee because i don't eat veggies. I usually have greens and use my hex b's for meat. Might make the effort to try more red days this time around.
i love love love red days! losses for me are much better on red days! I eat loads of fish and steak! and veggies and salads. I tend to snack on babybel lights and crab sticks or fruit. Love HE , which is why i dont do ee.


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I have retreated back to red days - have done green the last two, but did a complete overload on alcohol which was disastrous syn wise, so need to do some damage limitation and the green days have been making me feel really bloated!!!
I gained a pound last week after being on EE and been really strict with 2/3's superfree foods, not blaming EE plan as it was my * week and may of been down to that. Was still totally gutted & before EE came along I always mainly done red and consistent good weight losses, so this week gone back to red & green. Will wait and see on Tuesday's WI if it's paid off :)


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I usually do green, but the odd red day is good, I just find green much cheaper (I'm a skinflint)
reading this i think im gonna attempt throwing in red days...ive hit a brick wall on ee, tried success express for a week and it was too much. last time i got to this weight on sw same thing happened. now...prob is im not a big meat eater lol


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I find red days are so much better for my losses, even though they are harder. I try and make sure I have majority red during the week with the odd EE thrown in on the weekend to be flexible around the family. Although I did have a green day on Thursday as I was STARVING all day and only carbs would do! lol

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