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Doing WW alongside Alli?


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I've been doing WW since September and have had a decent weightloss (3 stone) but since the middle of January I'm lucky if I lose a pound a week. Its so frustrating when I was regularly losing twice that before.

I know I've hit my plateau but wondered if anyone had pushed things a bit further along with Alli? If I use it in conjunction with WW, I shouldn't have any of the nasty side effects since my foods are low fat anyway?

Just wondered what everyone thought. My concern is that when I stop taking it my weight will balloon again, even if I continue with WW....?
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Personally from what I have heard about the leaky side effects, I wouldn't take it and the effect is only suppose to be marginal anyway - something like an extra third (so if you are losing three pound a month you might just lose an extra one). Just not worth the possible embarrassment to me.
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Yeah I've heard pretty bad things - unless you follow a very strict very low fat diet (that counts for anything that passes your lips) you could find yourself in a very embarassing situation.

I don't think it's very advised =/
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If the side effects are anything like i had with xenical then id steer clear. Not everyone suffers but i did regardless of what i ate. Oily parps, loose stools and possible accidents. Was on it 2 weeks, dont think i left the house once. I guess the only way youd know is to try it.


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The side effects aren't as horrendous as you'd expect, unless of course you are eating chinese every night.

On the other side of the coin, if you aren't eating a lot of fat (which you very rarely do on ww) its a waste of money and potential side effects.

My mum takes it if she has a cheeky dinner with more fat than normal, rather than 3x a day.

And there's a big warning about cyclosporin on it, I think Alli negates some of the effect of cyclosporin. (chances are you aren't on it but just in case!)


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You are supposed to take Alli alongside a low fat diet anyway. I took it when I was doing SW and i felt it made a difference to my weight losses. I have been dieting on/off for the last 20 years so i do find it difficult to lose weight and when I was taking Alli i was losing 1.5-2 pounds every week.

It shouldn't make you put on weight when you come off it and you should only get side effects if you eat fatty food.

Alli is expensive so why not go to your Dr's and ask them for Xenical which is the same as Alli (only stronger) and then you will only pay the cost of a prescription.
S: 23st10lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.6 Loss: 6st10lb(28.31%)
I had constant side effects as the drug didnt agree with my system.

SarahB is right too, best just paying a prescription fee. That way youll also have medical supervision.

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