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  1. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    :wave_cry: Hello. I am sad but excited as I start this diary. I have rejoined Ww on Tuesday for what will hopefully be the last time. I have joined slimming clubs for years but never managed to stick with it. I was disgusted with my weight and hope to do something about it.
    I am a busy working mum of 3. I am currently on maternity leave as my youngest is just about to turn 7 months. My eldest daughter is 7 and is starting to say things about the size of my tummy and asking why is it still big even although the baby is out. This really hurts my feelings, I know it's not meant nastily but suppose that alone is enough to make me want to loose weight.
    I have two holidays this year, the first is a hen weekend abroad with friends in June and then a family holiday abroad in October. I want to feel comfortable and confident on the aeroplane and in my tankini.
    Here goes!!! Xxx
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  3. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    I have decided to give Simple Start a try. The website and the app are not very helpful (i feel) but will keep trying.

    DAY 1 - Wednesday

    shredded wheat with skimmed milk and sweetener

    warburtons brown thin, baked beans and two fried eggs cooked in frylight

    bannana, melon

    cajun chicken bake in a bag with peppers, onion and brown ririce

    treats - Ww hot chocolate & Ww oat chip cookies

    I am also a big diet dizzy drink drinker but for this week I have cut out all fizzy drinks and swapped it for diluting juice. I'm trying to drink alot but still have a headache .
  4. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    Subscribing, good luck with your journey, im trying to cut out diet fizzy drinks too
  5. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    Thanks hun. Headaches getting better so getting there x
  6. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    Ok day 2 Menu

    2 shredded wheat with skimmed milk and sweetner

    Bananna, melon

    2 brown warburtons thins with ham, tomato and salad cream (treat 1)
    I ended up having extra ham and then made myself a cup of tea which i dont normally make. It was good.

    I made a pot of homemade soup using all free ingredients so had a bowl of that.

    Salmon fillet with lemon, homemade frylight chips and sweetcorn.

    Ive had plenty of diluting juice and im now in bed feeling full and wondering if im doing this diet correctly ?
  7. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    good luck :)
  8. Tiger-lilly

    Tiger-lilly Silver Member

    Good luck :)

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  9. dippychk

    dippychk Full Member

    Here to subscribe. Good luck with ur weight loss :) iv also given up fizzy drinks this week and iv found its made a difference in how bloated I look and feel. Also not feelin the 3 oclock slump in energy I usually feel. Goin to try and stay off them and have it only as a treat now abd then cuz they r packed with nasty things anyway :-/

    dippy xx
  10. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    Thanks everyone.

    Well day 3 on plan done and dusted.

    Breakfast - shredded wheat, skimmed milk and a bananna

    Felt peckish mid mornng so had a crumpet

    Lunch- some of my homemade soup

    Dinner- homemade burgers, chips simple start style and loads sweetcorn

    Still not had fizzy juice which is a big thing for me. I still seem to have a headache mst of the time though.
    Goal for tomorrow is to eat more fruit x
  11. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    Well today was the day I wasnt looking forward to. Saturday is usually nice breakfast and TakeawY day in our house. I have almost stayed on track apart from some packet pepper sauce, i did use skimmed milk though so hope its not too bad.

    Breakfast - shredded wheat with skimmed milk and sweetner

    Lunch - homemade soup with warburtons brown thin

    Dinner- trimmed pork loin steaks, baby potatoes, mushrooms, sweetcorn with pepper sauce

    Treats - ww hot choc, ww jaffa bar

    Also went to costa and had a skinny latte.

    Only had a bananna fruit wise so still need to address that tomorrow but no fizzy juice again ?
  12. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    hey here to subscribe xxx
  13. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    Another day in. No fizzy juice, had a little more fruit than normal and went a long brisk walk which is a big thing for me coz apart from running about after my husband and 3 kids i do NO exercise ?

    Breakfast - half a melon then beans on a warburton brown thin

    Lunch - ommelete with onion, ham and pepper

    Dinner - homemade soup then chicken with baby potatoes

    Apple, bannana and grapes

    Treat - ww jaffa mini roll
  14. skinhead

    skinhead Full Member

    What soup did you make? Well done on avoiding fuzzy drinks, I'm not a big fan anyway but know loads of people who say they're addicted to diet coke!
  15. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Subscibing if you don't mind. I'm restarting this week after having my 3rd child and wanna try Simple start. Your diaries look great, and well done for giving up the fizzy stuff. I'm slightly addicted to Diet Coke but don't wanna try doing too much in the first week, so diet coke is staying put for the time being ;).
  16. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    I bought a packet of vegetable soup mix from Aldi with all the veg prepped but its got potatoes, carrot, leek, and turnip in it I think. I chuck that in a big pot with either lentils or yellow split peas and add two chicken stock cubes and one vegetable then just let it cook. Sometimes I blend it but have been enjoying the chunky vegetables.

  17. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    Good luck Hun and welcome to my diary. Are you going to start one?
    how old is your youngest? My baby was 7 months yesterday, time is going so fast xx
  18. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    Well just finished the Monday morning rush, one off to school, one to nursery and number three is fighting having a nap as I type. I walked my little girl to nursery, again that's something I don't do very often.

    just going to get my shredded wheat then look out my daughters birth certificate coz I need to register her for school today :)
  19. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Yeah I've started up my old diary again. This is the link if you wanna follow ;)
    My kids are 6, 3(on Friday) and 3 weeks old today :D girl, boy and girl. Yip time is definately flying by!

    My little one is foghting the sleep too lol
  20. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    Hello here to follow :-D great start to the plan!

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  21. dolly82

    dolly82 Full Member

    Ok final day before first weigh in.

    Breakfast - shredded wheat and skimmed milk

    Lunch 2 ww bread rolls with tuna mixed with onion and creme freich

    Dinner - turkey and vegetable stirfry with a poce of haddock on the side. Tge haddock was going out of date so needed to be used.

    Bananna and 2 tangerines.

    Not sure if im having a trea tonight coz i had some sauce with my stirfry that worked out at 6 points

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