Domino pizza delights Syns!?


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Hello, I am new to this forum. I started in the new year doing slimming world and am finding new places to eat out that won’t corrupt my diet 😊 a few weeks back I see dominos is now doing a “delights” pizza range, which is 650 cal or under for a entire small pizza! Sure, this will be way less than I would be used to getting out of dominos, but to be able to still eat pizza? SIGN ME UP! anyway, I have been searching the internet to try to find the Syns for this but to no avail. From using the 20 cal=1 syn thing, it would work out as 35 Syns for the entire small pizza at most (again not great, but at least it’s an option!) but I’m sure there would be some free allowances for this also?
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Hi, the Dominos Pizza delight (chicken or veg) is 5 syns per slice. If 6 slices to the pizza = 30 syns for the lot. Not too bad :eating: