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Domino's pizza addict!!

Emmie Lou

Full Member
S: 21st8lb C: 21st4lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.32%)
Hello my names Emma and im a dominos pizza addict ..................... there i said it, its out in the open, but seriously i really am addicted!!
I have been studying the eating out guide and i also found that link on here for eating out, plus i have used the search facility on ww, (wow a lot of threads came up)
But i am still confused, can any1 help with points as a weekend with dominos and still in points sounds too good to be true!!!
I used to have a small ch and tom with mushrooms
a garlic pizza bread, plus 4 garlic dips which i now no are 3 points each :eek::eek::eek:

Are there any more addicts around? Please dont let me be the only 1!!
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Hi Emma

There is another Dominos Pizza addict amongst us ... MarieD! She loves them hunni and Im sure she will join your thread shortly hun!

Good luck with your diet!


Emmie Lou

Full Member
S: 21st8lb C: 21st4lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.32%)
Phew thanks for that,

16 views and only 1 reply, was beginning to get worried i was on my own with this!!
i new there was someone i just couldnt remember who. Yes Marie told me when i first started that she has one every weekend its a huge load of points but i guess if thats what you love then why not have it? ummm enjoy x

Lol! You lot know me too well!

I love Dominos pizza - love love love love it! But I'm afraid I'm no help with the points. when I have Dominos I have it in bulk (as in a whole medium pizza, waffles, garlic bread and chicken strippers, plus the 3 tubs of garlic dip!), so there's no point counting the points :giggle:

Nikki is another Dominos fan, I think she has one every Friday night and she's very good and saves up points for it through the week. She's lost loads of weight on ww, without cutting out her Dominos pizzas, so she's absolute proof that you can still have them and lose the weight. I'm sure she'll be along soon to help out on the points :). If I remember rightly, she's a fan of the garlic and herb dip too :D yum yum!
simple answer................... move to deepest somerset where no take aways are delivered and nearest pizza s are 12 miles away ........... i could do bed and shake for £ 30 pw !!! and free water

Emmie Lou

Full Member
S: 21st8lb C: 21st4lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.32%)
Lol - must do it!!

Thanks Marie for your reply, soooo glad im not the only addict!! ;)
So do you save any points for your dominos or do you just have a blow out and get back on track the next day?

I had my 'fix' last night, i had a small pizza with mushrooms which i think was 12 points, garlic bread 5 points, 2x garlic dips 6 points = 23 points

I had 7.5 points saved and i ended up 5 points over, so i'll cut back by 2.5 today and Mon!
This is my first week on ww so i'll see how my weigh in goes - wed - and decide if its worth it but technically im still with in my points so it should be fine,
serously cannot get my head around being allowed my dominos whilst on the plan!!!!:p

Emmie Lou

Full Member
S: 21st8lb C: 21st4lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.32%)
p.s snowing and settled here in Surrey!! :eek:
I used to have a Dominos and just write the whole day off, but of course I don't recommend that :eek:

I have been trying to find out how many points are in a small pepperoni passion pizza, because if I can work the points and point then I could have one guilt free, which is of course much better :)
Ok, so I'm almost too embarrassed to admit this, but (heehee)....I was looking on Dominos website to see if I could find a contact email to find out the NI for their pizzas, but they actually have a brochure on their website that can be downloaded and it gives the NI for all their food, for all sizes!!! I think that's great!! Well done Dominos!! Lol

So now we can all work out exactly how many points we're having, heehee

Emmie Lou

Full Member
S: 21st8lb C: 21st4lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.32%)
Thats brill Marie

I'd much rather no exactly how many points im eating so i can save them, do you have the NI info then? did you download it?
I need to know the info for the garlic pizza bread and personal cheese and tom pizza!
If you have the info that will be great, and as you say well done dominos yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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