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Dont change your handbag...

I have started going to the gym, and as its a gym day today I have repacked my "usual stuff" into my big bag.... and what have I not put in.??? My foodpacks....

So theres a moral for you - stick to your routines and dont get distracted.

I shall go out lunchtime and grab some chicken to keep me in ketosis - what a pain in the a*$e tho....

Still never mind - learn the lesson and move on.

Hope everyone else has a better day xxx
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how annoying!
i'm always doing stuff like that - i keep a bar i my car for emergencies!

daisy x
so, would having some chicken keep you in ketosis? x
i don't know. personally i would just drink water and eat my packs when i got home, i don't tend to get 'hungry' in the day. i don't think its worth the risk
daisy x
Hmmm, yer I dont know that Id want to risk it, but it'd be interesting to know x
LL works using a combination of low calories and ketosis. Ketosis is the premise on which Atkins diet is based, this means you could eat anything low carb- as per Atkins and still remain in ketosis. You would up your calories however although eating a few extra would be unlikely to make the slightest difference in weight loss. This means that meat, cheese, eggs and most veg could in theory be eaten on LL without throwing you out of ketosis.
I'm not recommending anyone does it but eating a bit of chicken for example would make sod all difference but for the less strong willed could lead to other less friendly food!


MM x
thats it - it could be a slippery slope.
plus if you just had chicken you wouldn't be getting all the nutrients which are in the pack

daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
The LL abstinence does work on the principle I think probably to keep you to a routine and to teach you discipline with food .. and not to use it for emotional gain.
However, you have to remember that diets like Atkins, and even LighterLife Lite work on the ketosis principle - and 800 calorie daily limit is more than enough to sustain a good loss - which is very much similar on average to the abstinence version.

I think the difference between the two is more of a psychological one... Since after reading studies on weight loss - those following a VLCD (500 cal daily) and those following a LCD (800 cal daily) lost very similar amounts of weight.

So a small piece of chicken to keep you going only if you've forgotten your packs and are famished - isn't the end of the world. It won't take you out of ketosis... It's the psychological impacts you've got to worry about! :)
thanks, interesting points made there x
I don't understand

Why grab the chicken?