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don't feel like i am getting anywhere


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hi nessa
if i am honest you are living out a nightmare of mine
its really bad but being on ss makes me feel so safe i DREAD going back to eating real food
good luck hun - please let us know how you get on!
Good advice although is something else lurking to bring you down too; TOTM or family issues etc?? You have come a long way now, dont let something else spoil it for you. Arange to see your CDC and in the meantime go for a good walk or something similar because exercise is known to raise the mood "endorphins???" and reduce depression. Hope this helps Nessa. Big hug. xx
ness i think the diet is just the front of your issues
you have gone through so much this last few months and you will feel depressed
grief and heartache are the worst feelings to cope with hun
you got my number if you want to chat but i really think its more than the diet
you are still going through lots more than you think you are

you have done so well and i for one am very proud of you
kaz xxxx
Hi Nessa, Ive been there hun, and i know how you feel, it sort of opens up floodgates. Now, I dont really know what to say without waffling a bit so Ill have a ramble and if it dont make sense then just ignore me ;)

The feelings of hunger come back as we exit ketosis, some are psychological, some arent, and it does take work to sort these out. Experimenting with hunger isnt a bad thing, I learnt that from KD, one of my biggest fears, was, and sometimes is, the panic of being hungry, if Im hungry that means Ive got to eat right?? Nope wrong!! Im not going to pass out if I feel a bit hungry, but I used to (and sometimes still do) panic that I would.

You are not a failure. You have lost so much weight and are still doing the plans properly, you are bluddy fantastic.:talk017:

There is nothing wrong with feeling a bit down, you are re training your body with food, and your body is saying mmmmmmmmm food, I like it, as is your brain, only natural, try to enjoy the food you are eating and dont look upon it as a chore, vary the times you eat and practise forgetting about food. Its very easy to be obsessed with where the next bit comes from to put in your mouth, remember, we eat to live, not live to eat.

Ive felt exactly as you are now, but food isnt as much of an issue as it was, I can say no, it does take some working on, but it does work too, just shout if you need help x

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