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dont feel like im getting anywhere!


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I love slimming world and all the food i can eat, but i dont feel like im loosing weight!! i dont go to class so dont have the support of a consultant but i get weighed once a week on my WII. In total i have gone from 22stone 9.5 to 20stone 5. I cant tell at ALL that i have lost and my clothes are all the same. I reallt want people to notice and say "oooh your face looks slimmer!" lol but nobody can tell!! Grrrr

I could lose weight faster but i run a pub and am back and forwards from manchester to stoke etc 5 times a week...but never know what days so i have to plan on the day what im going to eat. its hard to do on the go, i have to either cook the night before and eat as and when or i get cold meats and snack on them when i get chance. I either cook at my mums or at my pub but its becoming a chore!

Think im just a bit fed up and need a rant! sorry!! :cry::sigh::cry:
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are you wearing the same clothes? i found that when i wore more 'figure hugging' clothes people would notice more (and i noticed more)

Dont be so hard on yaself though - you have lost a huge amount of weight and should be proud you have done so well on your own - i dont know how you do it!!! (i need my class!!!)

Keep going xxx


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yeah its a pub in Burslem!
Im still wearing the same clothes, they arent any bigger on me! haha im going to stick with it, sw is all i know . But its so frusterating when you cant tell and i try soooo hard!!! think im going to up my exercise....going to start walking more and see how i get on. xx


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what about the other benefits from losing weight aside from the physical, i had to focus on these because it took ages for me to notice a difference then all of a sudden i felt different and people started commenting. after the first month or so i felt healthier, my bp at the docs returned to normal. i measure myself once a month and even though it took months for me to buy new clothes i still was losing inches.
theres loads of great things to come from losing weight, how our clothes fit is one, bet you can think of plenty more too to spur you on. your doing fab!!! :)
Ellebear said:
are you wearing the same clothes? i found that when i wore more 'figure hugging' clothes people would notice more (and i noticed more)

Dont be so hard on yaself though - you have lost a huge amount of weight and should be proud you have done so well on your own - i dont know how you do it!!! (i need my class!!!)

Keep going xxx
I agree with this one about the clothes! I carried on wearing the same baggy clothes cos I didn't think I was losing anything! I saw my 'friend' on a Friday and he commented that I lost weight-whilst I was wearing the said baggy clothes(altho he knew I had cos he finds out every week) but then when I saw him 8 days later I was wearing jeans that were 2 sizes smaller, that I could wear as they were more comfy, and a better top-and he said again that I really looked like I'd lost more weight :D You'll also find that people probably have noticed but are wary of saying anything in case they offend you in any way!
Keep it up Hun, you've done great so far xx

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Dont worry about people noticing your weight loss, it will come soon enough ... as soon as u go down a size and start wearing different clothes .. people will notice ... but some people may not comment on it due to a number of reasons, but as long as u know u are loosing and u are feeling better with it then keep it going .. u are doing really really well ... Ive tried numerous times to loose weight without a class but i cant do it ... I enjoy going to class so my hat is off to u xx Good luck xxxx
I agree with some of the things the other ladies have said - about baggy vs fitted clothes - i think people notice more and i can see so much more of a change in my shape since i wear more fitted clothes - in fact now i think i look bigger in my baggy clothes in comparison - and now do not buy the same style clothes i used too!!!
In all fairness were your clothes the right size in the first place? They might not be hanging off but quite often we buy clothes that little bit too small and when you really think about it after a bit of weight loss they're a little more comfy.
When I'm loosing I usually find I'll loose for a bit with no obvious loss and then it will suddenly fall off inches wise. Plus you have to remember that not only are you getting rid of the fat on the outside but the fat round your organs which is sooooo much more important. Loosing over 2stone of fat from round your organs is probably far far better for you than loosing 2stone of fat from the outside (even if outside feels nicer).
Hun,keep going!!! I've lost just short of 2 stone and although my I haven't gone down a Jean size (tho I have to pull the ones I have up every 10 seconds!!) I did buy my first halter neck top last week -a size smaller than my usual (which to actually have for the first time at 30 yrs old is a break through in itself!) I wore it out on Friday night and now I have 2 friends who want to join Sw this week!!! I went out and actually felt good about myself because although my Jean size hasn't actually changed enough for a 16 to be comfortable I do feel slimmer in other areas...such as the tops of my arms etc.

I am a shift worker and never seem to end up in the same place twice so have to take food with me.....I find making some Sw recipes and freezing portions I just chose what I want before work and take a packet of uncle bens microwave rice (about .5 - 1 syn on ee) and I have a filling meal in 5 mins! (plus by taking the food out of the freezer just as I'm leaving means it's just about defrosted by the time I'm hungry without being kept in the fridge!)

I know how difficult it is trying to eat on the go without having a structured working pattern but I also find that wherever possible, it's very important to try to set aside 30 mins to eat properly at least once per day otherwise it's too tempting to 'graize' or just think 'sod it', sometimes everything else just has to wait!!

Good luck Hun you've done amazingly well to lose what you have so far..,,keep going!

Kerry x


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I have this exact same problem, it takes me to drop a dress size already lost 19 pound and 12inches but no one has noticed either, also have noticed hardly any other changes we just have to keep going and when we do finally drop a dress size or people notice imagine how fantastic we will feel good luck x x


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Why not contact a local consultant and invite them to use your pub for a meeting? That way you can get the support you need and work around it too.
Hi :)

You WILL have changed/lost inches etc, it's just that you may not notice it so much yourself, especially if you are still wearing your bigger clothes..I know I didn't UNTIL I went shopping for stuff at which point I was amazed that I could get into a smaller size..then I went home and tried on clothes that had fitted me in the past and found I could get into them again - this was at the 2 stone mark, so you will be the same, honest!

As to other people noticing..well..thats a tricky one I think..I got up to losing 2.5 stone (have put on 4lbs since then..grrr) and went to a family party where I've not seen anyone for yonks..and not one single person commented that I had lost weight..is that because it wasn't obvious? well I was in a size 20 as opposed to a 26..so I don't think so..it's something much discussed on here that sometimes people aren't always happy/complimentary about others losing weight for a lot of very sad reasons..I can only conclude it's that and if they are not commenting for you then it's likely that too.


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i wish i had measured myself before starting sw! I just uploaded a couple of pictures from april this year and november last year and i can see a slight difference in my face. Ill keep going...you never know i might wake up and be a size 12 one morning!! haha


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Lol if you do there will a lot of interested people on here willing to pay good money to find out how me being the first one lol
You have done really well but sometimes it does take a while for it to notice take your measurements now and then re measure in a couple of weeks it is the best way, as I seemed to loose inches and not weight how that works I don't know!! Im the opposite I went from a 14 to a very comfy 12 and people noticed after I'd lost just over a stone but I don't really feel it in myself!! Which is annoying. I still want to loose about 7-10lbs but no doubt I still won't be happy are we ever?

So I try focus on being healthy and looking after my body. I think it is because I can't seem to loose the last bit of weight and it seems to all be around my gut! Wish we could choose where it went from!
Haha! I laughed when I saw this post because I've just spent the day complaining about the very same thing. I've lost 2 stone 4 pounds so far and still haven't dropped a dress size.
It's frustrating as hell but I guess all good things come to those who wait. Just stick with it! You're doing fantastic and I'm sure we'll get there soon enough!
Keep going and the results will show eventually! :)
Hi Becky

First off - wow how pretty are you!!! You can definitely tell a difference in your face.

I understand completely how you feel I lost 3 and a half stone last year and I only dropped a dress size - however it was probably more like 3 as my clothes didn't fit. You're on the right track and doing great :)

PS - I'm also from Stoke (as if you couldn't tell from my name) we are taking over minimins :)


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Aww thank you! ...well blushed! My aunty came today and had a pic from march on her phone and actually said she could tell on my face. Cant wait till my pants fall down! Hehe

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