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don't get EE please help

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by slimlinetonic, 24 March 2010 Social URL.

  1. slimlinetonic

    slimlinetonic Full Member

    hi all i just need to ask about EE i really don't get it.
    in the book it says that 1/3 of plate needs to be filled with superfree foods but not all meals you can do this plus i just don't get eating red and green on same plate and as much as i can, this just don't sound like it can work.
    has anyone had a good weight loss from doing the EE plan.
    i am very confused about this please help.
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  3. HoneyBlossom

    HoneyBlossom Full Member

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    Slimming World
    Hiya, I don't really get it either to be honest! I'm following EE from the 7 day plan on the website at the mo till I join a class.. Must work as I lost 5.5lbs this week! I know what u
    mean though.. It does seem
    a bit too good to be true! I just try and fill
    most of my plate with either salad or veg or have fruit afterwards etc. X
  4. soccermom

    soccermom I AM A WEMITT x

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    There are many people on here that have lost lots and are at target using EE.

    when I do EE I dont eat unlimited amount of the green or red I still exercise some portion control, but thats just me others dont.

    If I have bolognese for example on EE I have a heb size portion of wholewheat pasta from a red day and mix through it roast butternut squash, red pepper, courgette, mushrooms and I now actually prefer it that way. I dont feel so bloated on the starchy stuff and am incorporating 1/3 superfree.

    If you cant fit your 1/3 in on your meal try having some veg soup as a starter or for lunch. Have a portion of melon for dessert or fruit salad as a snack.

    As long as you are including the superfree into your plan I personally wouldnt worry if you cant get it onto the same plate as say curry and rice, try to add it to the meals you can, it will only benefit you.

    It really isnt that difficult tbh, it will click into place, I promise :D
  5. *angie*

    *angie* loves food and cooking

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    Hi - it does work - honest!

    What meals are you struggling to incorporate superfree into - I am sure we can help :) I find most meals easy to add extra fruit and veg into - yes it takes getting used to, but once in the habit it is a great way to eat and lose weight!
  6. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    I've only come across a few meals for which the third is a bit difficult - eg fish, chips and peas.
    Don't forget it's not just veg/salad on the plate, it's ingredients in the meal too. If you make a bolognaise you can include tinned tomatoes, onion, mushrooms and peppers as your third superfree. Add a handful of salad on the side and you're there.

    EE is great, it does work, you just have to trust it - honey blossom has proved it works, well done to you!
  7. funcurls

    funcurls Never gets tired of SW!

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    Slimming World
    I do nearly all EE and it's working for me- You may look at my losses and think it's a bit slow, but I'm happy with losing an average of 1.5lb a week and enjoying my food immensely!! It's not all that hard- I just find it more practical to be able to enjoy cottage pie, lasagne, curry and rice, fish and chips, chilli and rice or jacket, prawn risotto, kedgeree etc etc without worrying about weighing things. Everyone's different- if you find that red/green suits you more, go with it!!X
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