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Don't give in


is a naughty girl...
I just want to put something out there, for you all to know, that would have really helped me when I started....

This diet works!! and all I can say is for every week that goes past it gets easier and easier. I am about 16 weeks in and feel so much better and look a hell of a lot better.

At the beginning I just kept saying 'just one more day, come on Megan you can do another day' and before I knew it days were flying past. I find the process of CD almost natural now and to tell you the truth I am slightly worried about 'normal eating' again.

I believe that the hard part is once you have finished CD. Once you have gone to hell and back in the first few weeks and putting up with the dreaded 'questions' from people who don't understand and the ones who just wont listen and going out and not being able to have a few drinks!

So for all those people that are having problems (believe me I had them all!) work through it, take each day at a time after all it is only one day! Before long you will be 16 weeks in and people will walk past you and not realise who you are and you will feel on top of the world!

Believe me if I can do this diet, the girl who could eat a family KFC bucket and then a bag of chocolate of two any one can. You just need to change your mind set and really really want it!

Good luck to everyone not that you will need it ;)
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Yes to all that !!!!!

Good post megan :D

I'm also an ex over eater and have now gone completely the other way

No other diet has worked for me and I've done them ALL !

Get through the first week and the rest is easy .... If you stick to it ;)

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<raises hand> another over-eater here. Pretty much cured now, thanks to CD :D

Megan, KFC family bucket: one guy I used to work with when we were on the road, he bought a large one, stuck it in between his knees while in the car and ate the whole lot while driving home up the M1. Just thought I'd share that story (it wasn't me BTW folks lol).

One time when I was working in London I decided to pop into a kebab shop, as you do. I didn't even know he was in London (let alone in the same hotel), he was only in the same kebab shop and had ordered *two* doners for himself! So did I <hangs head in shame>
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You have definately hit the nail on the head with this post Megan as it is all so true and exactly how I feel.

You really do have to ignore others comments,stipulations and so on and literally take it one day at a time at first but as you said once you are a few weeks in it becomes so natural that I don't even think about food/eating anymore.

I live for my WI day each week but it really does come round quick now!


Back On Track!
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Great thread here, well done for first post Megan.

I am another 'over-eater' - really not sure if I have changed but very much hoping so as I don't want to keep doing these diets.

One of the girls at the cinema last night finished Lighterlife this summer and is keeping off the weight, I am impressed because I have previously put the weight back on plus extra, and on more than one occasion.

I do feel so much better for having lost 39 pounds, it is a very inspiring feeling. But at times I crave my old unhealthy ways, the aroma of KFC sometimes hits me as I walk past but I am trying to think of the times it was greasy, chips bland etc

Looking good (or certainly working towards it, in my case) truly does 'taste' better than a high street take-away!


Cambridge Consultant
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Wise words Megan and oh so true!!!
This diet does work and like you said its the only one thats really worked for me in recent years!
Stick with it guys its definately changed my life and its only been a matter of 8 1/2 months.........
The cambridge diet definately ROCKS !!!! xxx

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