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Don't judge me...

I weigh in tonight, had a massive panic on the way to work, so I popped into Boots bought a bottle of califig and drank the whole thing.:eek:

I have now ruined my insides, feel nauseous and keep running to the loo. I know better than to do this to myself. I should have accepted responsibility, weighed and then drawn a line under this week.

That is not what I did and now I feel really stupid - I guess that's cos I am!:sigh: I am normally pretty sensible and kind to my body - I can't believe I had such a panic - after all this I deserve to still show a gain tonight.

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OMG! No wonder you have been running to the loo!

Please please please don't do this again. You will make yourself really ill. Go to class tonight, if you have a gain, you have a gain. Tomorrow is a new day and you start again, it's not worth making yourself so ill for.

Last week I nearly didn't go to class, I knew I had gained by the amount of food I'd eaten to feed a small family! Anyway I went to class, gained 2lbs and started again the next day. At WI yesterday I'd lost 4lbs. If I can give you any tip, drink loads of water/sugar free juice, I try to drink at least 5 pints a day at work, I don't drink so many at home (don't know why!) and that works for me.

Tomorrow is a new day. We ALL have blips so don't worry.

You'll get to where you want to be with all the help on here.

Good luck tonight, let us know how you get on.

Thanks hon, I appreciate it. I won't do it again, it was massively out of character to do it in the first place.

To top it off I now have the loudest wind in the world - embarrassment may kill me before I get to class tonight! :479:

I will let you know how I got on.
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I'm not judging, and neither will anyone else. That was pretty bad for your health, but so long as you don't do it again I'm guessing there won't be any permanant damage. Just learn from the experience, go to group, and whatever happens you can always make up for it next week. Good luck!


One day at a time, one step at a time
Nobody will judge you, it was silly, but you know that and are suffering for it bless you!

I have just restarted SW after failing miserably because rather than accept there will be blips I let the blip become a massive blip. This time I am trying to be more sensible. If I have a blip, I accept it as that and continue with the plan from then on, well so far and i'm only on first week but thats how I am going to try to look at it.

Good luck and remember everyone is here to support you whether you do well or have a difficult week. Just remember its not just you, you are not a failure, we all have hard weeks ((hugs)))
OK!!! A 2lb gain but that's not so bad, if I had dropped under my 3 stone sticker mark I would've been devastated - thankfully still at 3st 1/2 lb loss.

Thanks for the support guys :grouphugg:

Next week is still about damage limitation, wedding (not that one!) on Friday and a bbq on Saturday, but back to basics, saving today and tomorrows syns for the weekend and getting my ginormous arse down the gym. I can do this.
Well done you for going to class and taking the gain - I did exactly the same last week - 2lb on.

Drink loads of no added sugar juice/water, and I mean loads, I drink about 6 pints a day at least - it makes you wee for England but that works for me!

Well done honey and here's to a good week.


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