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Dont know how I used to do it!

Before SW, I would think nothing of going out to a pub for lunch and having a burger and having a resturant curry in the evening with a good few pints!

However, I tried just that yesterday and I was so bloated and uncomfortable its untrue. Obviously my stomach and body has adapted to the SW way and didnt like what I bombarded it with yesterday!

Dont feel guilty about yesterday but it has made me realise that I physically can't eat the same way I used to anymore! Slimming World is my new way of life, and I love it!

Just thought I would share that with you all. Hope your enjoying this nice sunny weekend xx
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I know exactly how you feel SJ!
As I started losing again after increasing my syns and HEs my Consultant asked me do do a food diary. I told her I would but it would not be a good one as I was going away on business and that I would eat what I used to prior SW and I did just that. We went to one of those Chinese eat as much as you like places and I ate and ate and had 4 desserts to as well as 3/4 bottle of wine. I was so stuffed I could hardly walk. I couldn't eat a thing that evening but as I was staying at a B & B I decided to have the full breakfast the next morning. Big mistake. That was Friday and I still feel bloated. I know I pigged out but that was exactly what I used to do, but that was a last for me and I bet I have gained this week! I think I must have had about 200 syns in those 2 days.
I still do best in sticking to plan and only eating when I am hungry, even if it's just once a day!


Lover of Extra Easy
You are right. Perhaps I will attack some fruit and muller lights. I had a sandwich last night but left half as I just couldn't eat it!


Lover of Extra Easy
Isn't it strange? Recently my MIL took me for lunch and I had fish and chips at our local pub. I used to love it as it isn't too greasy but had to run home on our way back, as it went straight through me.
I went on holiday last week, and ate most meals in a non-slimming world fashion. The amount of times I felt uncomfortably full and sick was horrible! I couldn't wait to get home and get back on track.


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I had chicken in a bun and chips the other day from the take-away. It all tasted so greasy and horrid, and ketchup (whch I used to have every day but havent used in 6 weeks) was so sharp and vinegary. I felt very very ill and ended up curled up moaning on the sofa. I think my take-away days are over
I know what you all mean!! We had a bbq for my Sister's birthday on Wednesday and although I ate more than I would on a proper SW day I couldn't eat anywhere near as much as I used to. I felt a bit ill, but quite proud too that my eating habits are obviously changing for the better :D

I also know what you mean Crys. I can't even remember when I last had a takeaway. When I first started doing SW I saved up syns for the odd takeaway, but I just didn't enjoy them. The food was nowhere near nice enough for the amount of syns I had to save for it. I still enjoy eating out, but I too think takeaways are a thing of the past!!

Mrs V

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I still love the smell of the greasy take-away, but the combination of my GB and adopting SW principles means that I cannot even consider anything that I would have had before. Gone are kebabs, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, fish and chips to name a few! I now prefer a sit down table meal.