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Don't know if I can do it anymore


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Sorry everyone, I know I'm usually very positive and upbeat but I'm really at a low right now.

Things have all just got on top of me and my emotions have taken a bit of a battering AGAIN over the pastr few days.

I don't know why but I'm just feeling so, so upset. I really just want to drink and drink til i pass out, I just want to be out of it for a while.

Tears are streaming down my face right now, i really need help
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Oh Hannah, poor you. Being new here I don't know much about what is upsetting you and leaving you feeling so bad, but I can see that you have lost an incredible amount of weight and that is no easy task. If nothing else you can be extremely proud of yourself for that - hold on to that thought, it is something you have achieved for you. I hope you soon feel a bit better. Sometimes a good cry and an early night make all the difference. (((hugs)))

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Hannah, sorry to hear you're not your usual self. One thing I have learnt on here is that it all seems so much worse late at night. When you wake in the morning, its a bright new day and you may feel you can cope with everything that bit easier.

Hope you're ok babes xxx


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Hey Hannah,
Of course you can do it! You've come so far, hun and you're so near goal. I'm not sure what has upset you, but you should be so proud of yourself; look at some before and after pictures and maybe that might help. I hope you feel better in the morning. We're all here for you xx


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Whatever he's done (or not done) its not worth YOU feeling rotten for. Or off diet drinking and getting a hangover for.

Men very seldom are.

I can't really offer any other advice other than phone a friend who knows your ins and outs and have a good vent/cuppa/cry. I know that we're on here but you might not want us knowing all the details and you sound like you need a good chat atm. And a hug. :hug99:


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Hope your felling better this morning hannah, you cant give it up now, us girls on here need people like you to keep us going to, i agree with whats been said already, have a good vent to a girlfriend and get it all of your chest, its a new day today things always seem better in the morning, hugs to you.


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Hey Hannah,
Hope your feeling better today.... Chin up sweetie, you have done so amazingly well............So dont let anything or anyone ruin it for you!
big hugs xxx
Hiya Hannah,
Hope today brings more positivty...
Just to say to you... SInce starting CD, I have had some of the most emotionally trying times (lost hubby/marriage, lost best friend, and a host of other really painful stuff) And one thing I know with absolute certainty, is, that life happens!!
Nothing CD can do will change what is happening in your life! It can however prove that you hold the power to make positive changes!
YOU and you alone are in control of how you suceed....
I don't know what has happened with this man (think he is a fairly new boyfriend?) But what I do know is that at this stage of your diet - where you are so close to the end, NO man or problem caused by, is worth throwing the towel in for!!
Whatever has happened, will not be made better by the fact that you have said sod it!
Things may or may not work out with him, but often when we are overweight and have been for a long time, we have a host of problems that are nothing to do with food... we need to address them and move on....
CD is hard, but you can control what you put in your mouth and can control your success in CD far more than you can control most other things..
So I know I have waffled (4 hrs sleep is never enough) but don't you dare give up!!!
Hope you feel better today..


Lisa Claire

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Hi ya Hannah, hope things seem brighter today for you!

Tillyfloss, well said I couldn't have put it any better.


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Hi Hannah,

I hope you are feeling more positive this morning. I agree with everyone else (although I know it is often easier said than done!) but I am guessing you didn't start losing weight for anyone else, you are on this weight loss roller coaster for yourself. Nobody else has the right to make you feel bad about yourself, don't punish yourself for someone else's bad behaviour or lack of consideration or whatever it is that he has done. Be positive and be proud of yourself, you have achieved soooo much.:)


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Hannah, I'm so sorry that you are feeling really down! :grouphugg:

Try and focus on the positives...You are doing so fantastic and should feel extremely proud of what you have achieved!

Obviously, I don't know what has gone on between yourself and your BF, but you've got to remember that at the end of the Day... no Man is worth your tears, you are far more important and need to look after yourself!

Chin up and Keep positive xx


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Hi Hannah, how are you doing today??? I know how you're feeling, my boyfirend of 3 years who lived with me and said he wanted to marry me ended it a couple of weeks ago and I have just found out he is already seeing someone else. Things in life don't always run smoothly and there are lots of things that are out of our control. My situation has made me more determind to do this for myself, I want to look after myself, be kind to myself and look the best I possibly can. I think once I learn to love myself again I might just find someone that can love me unconditionally! Good luck hon, you have come sooooo far and lost a phenominal amount of weight.

You should be really proud of yourself and this should be a really exciting and happy time for you with the new slimmer more confident person emerging. Don't let some bloke ruin it for you hon, just be strong and think his loss is his loss and his issues are his issue - nothing to do with you xxxxx


Laugh, love, live!
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Positive thoughts bring positive things hon, you can do this, you can get to goal, you will find someone worthy of you, you are gorgeous, you will be confident, you will walk through life with your head held high!! CD doesn't just stand for Cambridge Diet it also stands for the words "Can't - Demolished" YOU CAN, YOU CAN, YOU CAN!!! XX


Proud to be a Loser!
Hi girls, thanks for all the lovely messages. I've woken up today with a whole new state of mind. I'm a strong, independent woman, I have done this on my own, for myself, and you're all right, I'm not gonna let anyone ruin this time for me.

And of course I didn't cheat - you know me, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did! xxx


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Good Girl.... that's definately the attitude to have!!

And well done for not cheating despite all you've been feeling. Just goes to show how committed to YOU that you are x


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Hannah the power of the mind and the person who drives that speaks volumes...... and you have done that with your above post! Well done on;

Being a strong person
Loosing an astonishing amount of weight
Being able to share and acknowledge a weakness
Staying true to yourself and your goal........ to loose your weight!

Well done darling and have an awesome day and own it!


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