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Dont know if i can do this


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im on day 5 and iv found the last couple of days hard with headaches and upset stomach but everytime i feel hungry i think about my final goal!think about how you feel about your body now and why you felt you had to do LT! if you started it you obviously have a good reason to be doing it!i find looking at pictures of myself at my heaviest and picturing how i want to look is a great motivation!you just need to be strong and keep your goal in mind!get back on 100% now and think about how guilty you feel after having a nibble!
stay strong and the longer you stick with TFR the closer you'll be to your goal!dont let all the hard work of the last few days just go down the drain you've got this far and the first week is the hardest!!


Must do it this time
hey there,
please try to stick at this another week you will feel so much better about it if you do.
These types of diets are so not easy but they are so worth it when you see the rewards.When is your weigh in day that will truly motivate you to stick with it..How much have you got to lose?
Why dont you go and have a nice hot bath/shower and pamper yourself a little to take your mind off the food aspect.You will be so thrilled with yourself when you do.Think of the reasons that you started this diet and why you felt the need to and now think how you will feel if you stop now.you will go back to feeling how yuo did last week.
Please stop and REALLY think about this before you do anything.And remember that you made the Choice to start it so its not a life sentence.
Hope you get through it.x
hello yes you can of course you can do it i have just finished day 6 - it is hard you probably are not in ketosis yet and when you are it really does make the whole thing that much easier - i know from experience. the usual cravings are gone, oh just try to hang on a little longer and you will be amazed at how easier it gets. oh and also your first way in is just a day away and it will be all worth it and that will spur you through the next week! Have you much support?


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Distraction is the key! Keep yourself distracted as much as you possibly can, a movie, a bike ride, hanging with friends. Anything really... and keep drinking that water, use a bottle with sports top it helps if you're not much of a water drinker (like myself).

Hang in there!! *hugs*
hi michael. YOU CAN do it... there is proof that its possible everywhere on this site.. and there is no reason why you cant find the strength too just like we all did. You started for a reason.. because you desperately wanted to change your life and be slimmer. If you stay focused and strong you CAN do it!! you only have to abstain from food for a week or two before all of a sudden its easy and you dont feel so desperate anymore. The way i looked at it... was that there are people starving to death in the world who havent eaten in months and are malnourished. Me going a week without food in comparison seemed easy.. and knowing that all my nutrition needs were being met meant that I could just fight the need for food.. because YOU DO NOT NEED FOOD. your body is getting everything it needs, its just your mind telling you that you need food and old habits digging their heels. But be strong hun and just come here in your weak moments. DONT PICK AT FOOD!!! it will just take longer for you to get into the place of being ok not eating and the voices that tell you to eat to be beaten! xx
ok, for support well use this board, i haven't really posted much on it but i have read loads of what people have said and my impression is that the people here are really supportive and have some real good ideas in how to get through this. It is hard but honestly you will find that as soon you get into it the days move past really quickly. Don't loose heart. You can also use your pharmacist for support do you think that you could?


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Michael, I told you when you started that week one is living hell on earth. Don't give up, you've come so far already! One piece of advice: STEP AWAY FROM THE REFRIDGERATOR!!!!!! You CAN do this!