Dont know what to do & how to save myself???


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I've been reading the boards for the last few days now trying to decide what to do. I started LL in April last year & with the help of everyone here - I love this site:) I lost 4.5stone in 4months & felt fab.
As of now & have already put back on 2stone 4lbs & still climbing.:cry: I dont want to put it all on!!!!
I'm right back to my old ways & cant get out of this rut - I hate it, the way I feel. I threw out all my bigger clothes so nothing fits now & i've had to & buy bigger sizes:mad:
Ive got quite a few packs left and would like to get back into the diet again but what worries me is that I lost alot & I mean alot of hair, its growing back now but I really dont think I can face that again. Ive tried WW for a few months but 1-2lbs a week does not keep me motivated & I fail.
Sorry to ramble on but I feel even if I post my thoughts here its a step in the right direction. Need to take stock & focus....................
Thanks Kikx
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Hello Kik,
Welcome back. You did so well last time,
try not to let it slip away.
I think you do want to come back - otherwise why would you have been lurking here?
There's no better time than now - so many people are in a similar position.
As for the hair loss, it's only temporary.
Mine has grown back fine now.
Good luck whatever you decide x


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Hi there Kik
Nice to hear from you again.
Did you do RTM I can't remember?
I'm sorry to hear you have put weight on. I have too - I lost 4.5 and have put on about a stone so am back on packs, day 6 atm.

I lost hair - but only realised just before xmas. My hair was very thick and now theres about half as much as there was before. luckily no-one has noticed and it actually means i can dry my hair in about 5 mins instead of 15.

Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide to do - there is a refocus thread over in the maintenance section where you will see quite a few of the old faces

daisy x


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Hey Kik

I agree with SB, I think you know exactly what you need to do, jump back on the packs and have a bit of a refocus. There are lots of people refocussing at the moment, the good thing with this is means although there have been blips, they are at least being addressed earlier. As someone mentioned in my group yesterday , she had 30 years of bad eating habits under her belt, and only a month or 2 of good eating habits, it isnt easy and you cannot shift 30 years of ingrained behaviour over night. So its try, try and try again until you succeed and new eating habits become a learned behaviour.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.



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There is no magical answer is there? I tried for ages and ages to stop putting the weight that I lost back on. But nothing seemed to work. In the end I had to admit to myself that I needed to stop being self destructive. I had to find a part of me that wanted to step back into the dieting world more than I wanted that last cake that is still in my fridge!
Only you can make that decision.
I find it really helpful to write down thoughts too. You dont realise whats going on in your head sometimes, do you!?

Good look hun. I am sure that you will find your inner strength.

B x

PS: Hair loss is only temporary!!! :p


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S: 16st1lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st6lb(2.67%)
Thanks so much for the replies:D
I'm going to think really hard, its the financial side of things as well as the hair loss.
Its good to hear others are in the same boat. Daisy - I'll read through the other threads for inspiration.


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Hi Kik

Just by posting on here and updating your stats you have taken the best step to save yourself and therefore its very clear that you will suceed at this. You could still be just quietly reading the boards not posting with your head in the sand still in denial.

I joined last Jan and lost 5.5 stone and have gained about a stone so I know how you feel and took the same steps on Monday and now feel so much more in control! Like you i suffered quite badly with hair loss which has stopped me going back on the packs so i am low carbing it and in 3 days have already lost 5lb!

Good luck with the packs and low carb meal, i'm sure in a couple of days the scales will be showing a loss and you'll feel much more confident about your journey!



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Hi Kik,

I think you have already taken the first step by posting on the forum and acknowledging that you want to do something.

If LL worked for you before and you know what to expect I would say go for it again.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do. :eek: