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Don't Know What To Do..

I've only lost around 2 lbs in the past 5 weeks the weight just isnt going anymore.

On 1000 which made me lose about 2lbs a week and as it stopped I upped it to see if that would work then lowerd it again [but i wont go lower than 1000 as I think that would be just silly] as it didnt do anything and now I just cant seem to lose. I havent changed anything I'm still eating the same and exercising.

Any one have any idea what I can do to sort this out or am I doomed to be fat forever now :(

I'm planning on buying a cross trainer as I've heard they are REALLY good for toning up and weight loss.
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How long did you up your calories for ? maybe you needed to do a whole week ? how much water are you drinking ? just encase your holding on to water ? i also drink around 2-3 litres of water plus tea/ coke zero etc ,
Maybe you could try different routine of exercise as your body may have gained mucle in placing hence no scale movement,
It’s take 3500 calories to gain 1lb and the same to loss it say you need 1800 to maintain your current weigth ( at a guess ) you are 800 down plus the exercise so should be losing at least 1-1.5 lbs a week
I know must diets you get a plautue but 5 weeks seems a long time ?
Sorry i haven’t been much help i hard thing i have noticed is when it’s time of the month etc i may sts for 2-3 weeks then lose around 2-3lbs a week i wonder what happened to the lose i should have had for those weeks – our bodys are strange hey!:rolleyes:
I upped them for about two weeks it didnt work and i stayed the same weight the whole time. I don't really drink that much water but dont think its anything to do with that and dont have a TOTM because of the kind of pill I have so it wouldnt be that either. My exercise may be the problem which is why I'm thinking of buying a cross trainer, I'm thinking if I strictly stick to my 1000 cals as before and use the cross trainer and everything else I have to exercise a little more it might work...maybe!?
Keep going, its SUPER frustrating but keep at it....this change of exercise thing, i hae thought i am going to try stick to the jogging and stuff as its the tummy i need to lose... My partner has one of those click in stomach toners that i need to carry on using to tone up... Should this work do we think...

Chin up hun :)
How many cals did you up it to for those two weeks? If you wern't gaining in those two weeks maybe you should give yourself another few weeks on the higher cals as your body might be in starvation mode, i.e holding on to the fat for protection. 1000 is very little and it's reccommended we don't drop below 1200 a day.
I also think if you drink some water it should help you too, even sugar free dilute juice in it to taste if you're not a big fan of water, I myself can't drink it at all but if I add juice I'm able to get it down me.
Also change your exercise routine, the body gets used to an exercise regime after 6 weeks so its good to mix it up. What exercise do you do? For example if you run you could add in interval training into your runs?
You have done so well btw, well done on your losses so far! x


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I don't know if this will work but you could try calorie cycling? For instance, you could have 1400 one day, 1100 another etc. It may help you come out of this plateau. Don't give up hope, just keep at it and I'm sure you'll start reaping the rewards soon enough!
I didnt like the eating more cals a day it just made me feel like I wasnt dieting properly and actually found it harder than eating around 1000. I did also try the different amounts on different days such as 1100 monday, 1400 tuesday, 1200 wednesday etc, but that didnt work either and messed my head abit cos I kept forgetting what amount i was meant to be having that day.
I am going to try a new exercise routine soon as I get my cross trainer =]
I must admit, upping my calories just made me feel worse and did not seem to work.


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It really will shift you know - you just have to hang in there. I know this is cold comfort but its true. If you're sticking to a cc diet it will eventually go, as frustrating as it may seem at the time!
Its bloody annoying. I have not had a 5 week stint though like Chan is havin bless her but i just want it to go now. I was so confident going for the 9 stone rather than just 10 cos of the belly clearly not going to be gone by then but then bein stuck just makes me think, that will take forever...

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