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dont know what to do

i'm on day 5 and stuck to SS 100%, i feel like my head is totally in the zone at last and i'm so looking forward to getting into my 'slim' clothes.
Anyway i started seeing a new guy about 6 weeks ago and its going well, I've told him briefly about the diet, but he has just text me that he has booked a table at an indian restaurant tomorrow night for us and our kids so we can meet each other kids. Arghh what do I do? has anyone had just one meal out and then got straight back on it the next day?? I soo dont want to mess up
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aww bless him ,l what a lovely thought but a tough decision for you !!! You can either , talk to him and explain about the diet and how you dont wish to break it for this meal ... OR go along and not eat .. OR the other option is to eat . If you chose something like chicken tikka with no sauce or rice or bread .. you wouldn't come far off plan and it would be farly simple to get back on track OR you could eat whatever you want and get straight back on track then next day ( but this would mean it would take you 2-4 days to get back into ketosis ) it is doable , you know you did it once so you can do it again , but if you do this then the likelyhood is he will think its ok anytime and may want to take you out for lots of meals !!!

I think if it was me I would talk to him and explain more about the diet but go to this one special evening and have chicken with no sauce or carbs , hope you are able to decide what to do and enjoy !
Low carb Indian can be doable if you do it right! Chicken tikka pieces (no sauce) and a saag (spinach and tomato dish) would be a good option. As long as you stay away from the bread and rice and creamy dishes!!

Have a good think about it and how important it is to both of you. I wouldn't want to go to an Indian and not eat but if you explain to him I'm sure he will understand :)


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Maybe, you could tell him to cancel the dinner and go for a picnic another day instead, great way for kids to meet.
Thanks for the advice guys. I've spoke to him and explained and he is coming to mine with a takeaway now for everyone execpt me lol. I felt sick earlier after he text as I dont want to mess up when i'm feeling so positive. At least I can sit around the table with them and have my soup :) xx
Great choice! i think after 5 days (usually the toughest part of the diet) u have done brilliant!! x


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Well done, great choice.


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thats brilliant news - well done for talking to him - not the earliest thing to do in the early days!. Good luck and stick with it