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hi im a newbie here so firstly hi to everyone . :) ive been on slimming world for 4 weeks now and not having much luck atall :( first week i only lost a pound i put it down to being * week and expected a good weight loss the second week but to my horror i put on 1/2 a pound :mad: i was doing EE had been very good and was enjoying it so i decided to scrap EE and just do red and green like i used to couple of years ago so went back the next week and lost 3 1/2 :D i thought things were picking up until last night i put on 1 pound :cry:really dont no why i keep a diary and looked through it and couldnt see why im not due my period till next weekend so shouldnt be * week ? but i do feel a bit bloated and tired im on the pill so no exactly when im due . this is killing me feel very tearful and fed up :confused: any advice from anyone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :wave_cry:
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I know it can be disheartening when you've been good but try looking at the bigger picture, 3lbs in 4 weeks isn't terrible and you're still lighter than when you started. Why not post up your food diaries so we can have a look at them?
thanks wendy will have to sort out food diaries not sure how to put them on here ? im trying not to be dihearted but when people who started same time as u have lost over half a stone makes me very upset :(
Did your Consultant have a look at your food diary? Did she give any advice? You may want to have more SS food and also make sure you are having enough fruits and veg. With all these hormones our bodies are so wierd! Don't give up though as SW does work, but it may take some time to see what works for you. Maybe stick to doing just red or just green for a week and see how your body reacts. For the bloating try some camomile tea :)
thanks wendy will have to sort out food diaries not sure how to put them on here ? im trying not to be dihearted but when people who started same time as u have lost over half a stone makes me very upset :(
Also your starting weight is low, so you may not see the huge losses others are making (who may have more to lose). Our bodies are all so different.
I'm so sorry that you don't feel too happy, but please don't compare your weight loss to others - there are soooooo many different reasons, body types, exercise levels etc etc etc.
I think that it is a fab idea to post your food diaries up - someone who is far more qualified that me can have a look!!
Also, can ou remember how you did last time? Are you doing anything differently? Is your lifestyle different now?
Regarding bloating...lots and lots of water! I find that warm water helps me, but it is an aquired taste!!!
Keep going - you can do it :)
my consultant has seen to of my food diaries she didnt say a lot said they were ine maybe i should try a few more syns i was having about 8 on average i had about 10 i would say last week on average its a very busy class so hard to get her time i suppose . if i drink to much i end up weeing constently lol dont no why but end up being up in night ! even if i dont drink much im up at least once feel like im about 90 lol !!


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If you don't feel as though you have time to chat to your C in class then email or call her - most C's give you their contact details for a reason!
Hi there and firstly welcome!
Secondly Hugs to you. My * week seems to last over 2 weeks now...last week I lost 0.5lbs and I have either stayed the same this week or gained. Im on the pill too, but as I've gotten older, I suffer more. :(
Have you posted your diary on here? Also, try and have a look at the diary section to give you some ideas so that you are not eating the same things all the time. Im averaging a loss of less than 1lb a week at the moment, so dont loose faith Hun..it will come off.

thanks mrs v glad to no that im not alone with having probs but uve done better than me in same about of time :( i dont no how to post my diarys up any one help ? i am always on lookout for diffrent ideas got a few recipes yesterday from class as we had a taster evening
we have a woman in our class like u she hasn't got much to lose and she put on or sts for first 4-5 weeks then she had a 7lb lose and last week a 4lb loss. maybe its your body just getting used to it


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If someone has more than say 40% of their body weight to lose, the chances are then that persons diet was way in excess of the amount it should have been having . Give them slimming world diet, a shock to the system and they will lose masses in the first few weeks. If the next person has only 20% to lose, they would have been used to eating a slightly healthier diet so slimming world would not be such a shock and the weight losses would be normal eg 1 - 2 lbs per week. If you haven't much to lose take account at what is happening over the month rather than week to week. You should expect to lose at least 3 - 6 lbs a month as an average to start but this might drop to as low as 2lb a month as you near target x
Perhaps just type up a couple of days diaries onto here and then people can give you some advice at some little changes you could perhaps make.

As many have said, you can't compare yourself to other's no two people will lose at the same pace, as there are so many other factors to take into consideration.
I'm very new to SW..just had 1st WI this morning and only lost 1 1/2 pounds. I was dissapointed but I have a kidney disorder that makes me a bit waterlogged!!! Don't be too disheartened. I'm going to stick at it no matter what...hope you can too x
Don't know if this is helpful but I came off the pill and used alternatives and really found that my weight loss has been better (with effort of course!) - my mood also improved (just ask my husband-i didnt think i was that bad before lol) I really researched it though and took advice from my local nurse before doing it. I have even had small loses on a * week. Just worth a thought x
ps also it an take you more than 4 weeks to really get your head round it especially starting with extra easy - keep going! xx