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don't quite know what title to give this

Hi everybody. I'm on day 6 and i've had a really bad day at work. I'm finding it hard to cope. I really want to do this, i need to do this or i'll die before i'm 25 and i have will power and know i will stick to it but i have 13 stones to lose and i just can't see it working to be honest. I feel completely rubbish and i need to all to tell me to stop being stupid. I hate my job and thats not helping my mood. Sorry to moan and whinge at you all but i feel so alone doing this. People are telling me to quit and just eat healthily, and i'm DYING for a curry but i am determined to do this.

Sorry again for the moaning

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WHy can't you see it working? There are many people on thse very boards who are living breathing testimonies to having lost that amount of weight.
Once you start seeing the a fast, accumulated loss you'll be motivated to keep going. :)


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"Can't see it working"? Look around you on here. It works.
i obviously meant no disrespect by saying i can't see it working, coz i know you guys have all lost weight, its just me having a negative view of myself coz i've lost weight before and you couldn't tell, i've always been big so i can't imagine myself any different, i know it takes time i'm just paranoid that i'm just not gonna lose weight. Thanks for the support guys :)



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Hello doll..

I myself have over 13 stone to lose.. and i know how tough it is.. and the self doubt that we have is unreal.. but honey.. we are with you ever step of the way.. and if times are getting a bit rough.. we can help.. we really can.. theres the inspiration thread to have a look at if you ever feel you need a kick.. and theres some fantastic diarys to read..

when i feel like i cant do it.. i go look at clothes on the intertnet.. and it reminds me why im doing this.. and why i wont give up again..

if you ever need a chat.. im here.. just come find me.. *big hugs*

x x x x
hi guys, i had my first weigh in today and i've lost half a stone, i'm happy but i feel i could have lost more, plus i'm having my *ahem* ladies time of the month so that might have added a few pounds. Feeling better about it today :) xx


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Brilliant - that's half a stone you'll never see again! Well done .... keep chipping away and before you know it you'll be one of our success' too.


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Half a stone in a week is fantastic! Well done. You can do it!


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Lisamoo... you sound like me in November!! I had 14 stone to lose! absolutely loathed my job... it was awful! Now 5 months later, I've lost nearly 7 stone and I start my new job on 23rd april... I promise you, you can do this !!! Try to be more positive... it really is possible... I'm living proof... do it for yourself :) I'm not saying it is easy, cos it really isn't but you can do it!!!


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I've got 13 stone to lose too!! You're not the only one, I've spent years thinking what's the point it's too much weight until I found the cambridge diet!! I can now see a 'new me' in the future! you will get there, just look at all the pictures of the slim people on here!! that will one day be us!
hi lisa i too have alot to loss 15st and i know how hard it is but im just doing it in steps ie 10% at a time.

plus there was a thread early today about someone whos lost 12st in 40 weeks and it got me to think if they can i can so i know its hard but just think how good that curry would feel at a size 10 lol


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I've got 15 stone to go....and it will go. Keep positive, I am so glad I found this website, it is so positive, and I'm sure when I have a bad day I'll be on here, to sort myself out!

don't forget, 7lb is fantastic, go and weigh out 7lb of potatoes, put them in a carrier bag and carry them round for a bit.....that was you last week......and after 20 minutes put them down. how much better do you feel now?



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Wow - so much support, understanding,help, positivity. Thats why people come to Minimins, there really is such a spirit of hope on here. I knwo I'm a bit of a lazy old dieter and not really trying at the mo but I love to come on here, check on my friends, cheer people on and generally keep in touch with a top group of people!

With this much support, if people REALLY want to do it, then they can!

I felt exactly the same when i started out on the cambridge diet, i didnt think it would work for me even though i knew it had worked for so many others and to be honest i was very determined but didnt realise how determined i obviously was. i have done this diet for 20 weeks and lost 6 bloody stone its amazing and when my head catches up im sure it will be even better but still with it because you will be so glad that you did and everyone on here will be there to give you support if you are having a bad time.
im here if you ever need a chat

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